Tuesday, February 12, 2013

2013 Artists In Music Awards Recap & Looking ahead to 2014

First I would like to give a BIG thank you to everyone that came to the awards ceremony last Thursday in celebration and support of these incredible artists. We pulled off a very successful Red Carpet Event and Awards Presentation, plus a successful first time Nomination Event and Summer Showcase series during 2012. I am truly honored to have had each and every one of you apart of this incredible platform.

Read the full review of the show here: 

Without platforms like the Artists In Music Awards, music artists are subjected to false recognition and unattainable platforms that are nearly impossible to achieve. By supporting our program, you give independent artists a fighting chance with recognition that is truly deserved.

With the 2013 Artists In Music Awards now officially over, we can now turn the page and begin to look forward to 2014.

This coming year, we have a lot of new stuff happening. In case you are not aware, the submission window for the 2014 Artists In Music Awards just opened, so if you'd like to make your run at a repeat win, have your chance at becoming a first time recipient of the 2014 A.I.M.A. trophy, or recapture the title from 2012, by all means, please enter. You are not required to have new material or a new album to qualify. Just bring your “A” game and your desire to be at the top. 

We've also added a few new categories including: 
Best Funk Artist
Best Reggae 
Performer of the Year

**************ANOTHER BRAND NEW GOODIE************ 


Another big opportunity this year will include performing at Hard Rock Cafe in Hollywood, CA at our event called "Breakthrough at the Hard Rock". We have several shows scheduled this year beginning April 18. Several bands will perform, but only 4 artists will be selected to perform at the Nomination Event and the Awards Ceremony. However, this is subject to change. If there are more than 4 of you that put on amazing performances, we may invite you to perform on one of the main events.   

So far we have Whisky Row, Reachback, Lift Off, Glitter Rose, and The Brilliancy are our scheduled performers. Several slots are still available. If you'd like to be considered to perform, please let us know asap as these will fill very quickly. 

**************We still have T-shirts left******************

If you did not purchase a limited edition 2013 Artists In Music Awards Nominees t-shirt with all the Nominees names printed on them, we still have a bunch left and they are going for $12. Shipping is included in the price. Just tell us what size you want in the “Add Note to seller”

Men's Sizes:

Women's sizes:

Send us your $12 payment via Paypal to aimusicawards@gmail.com
While supplies last, we will send you a free Event Program. Of the 1,000 we had on hand, we have 99 left. 

*****For those of you that are considering entering the 2014 Artists In Music Awards as a Nominee, here are some helpful tips******

Last year, there were a lot of artists that did everything they were supposed to do and the results of their hard work paidbig dividends. Some of artists created events on Facebook asking for Votes, they even sent out weekly and monthly newsletters asking fans to vote, and posted daily Tweets on Twitter asking people to vote, but many of the artists that submitted never promoted at all or did very little to promote the voting portion of the contest and therefore, they either did not advance to the Final Judges Round or lost in the Final Voting Round, because they simply didn't not ask their fans to support them or were focused on other things. Don’t make this mistake next time.

There were some artists that really busted their butts to win and only lost by a matter of a handful of votes. I think this is an outstanding achievement. That means their fans cared enough and fought for them until the very end. That is something almost worth more than winning.

Now that you know how to win, your name may forever be etched on one our beautiful trophies in February 2014. 

This program is not about how many tickets you sell or how many tables you buy. It truly is about the music and about how hard you work to promote your music and promote our program. 

In order to make it in this program or in this business for that matter, you need to test the loyalty of your fans. If  you are afraid of bugging your fanbase in fear that they may unlike or unfollow you, then you should do something else. If this is what you are worried about, then the small few that complain were never true fans to begin with. You need to be confident, fearless, and be aggressive. This business is all about the numbers. PR reps, Management, and Label Executives will all tell you it's a numbers game. You need the fan numbers to back you up in order for labels to take you seriously. It's not enough that your music is great. You need to find your diehard fans that believe in you and want to help you succeed. They will in turn help promote you, and your numbers will multiply. You cannot sit back and hope people will vote for you simply because you're music is awesome. Your music is your Product and your product is only one of the four P's of your business.

We have established that your music is your Product, now you need to Promote yourself, a Place to promote it (Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, Instagram, performing at gigs, etc), and the Price (fans get to see their favorite artist win an award). Do not sit back and hide yourself in the studio and write music and jam all day long and make cover songs on YouTube. Get out there. Do interviews. Appear on Red Carpets. Attend charity events. Do things that are out of your comfort zone and have fun doing it. You cannot expect to win anything if you do not have a balancing act between appearing, performing, practicing, and promotion. Each plays a vital role in your career as an artist. 

Okay, that's enough lecturing for today. 

Mikey Jayy
Executive Producer
Artists In Music Awards
Official Website: http://aimusicawards.com


Best Folk/Acoustic Artist - Soren Bryce
Best Christian/Gospel Artist - In the Midst 777
Best Blues Artist – Trevor Sewell
Best Adult Contemporary Artist - Tom Slack
Best Country Artist – Katie Cole
Best Jazz Artist – Alex Economou
Best Singer Songwriter – Mika Ben-Yami
Best Latin Artist – Samy Gana
Best Punk/Post Punk Artist  – Static People
Best Metal/Hard Rock Band - Haster
Best Music Video - Reachback
Best Alternative Artist – In Air
Best Indie Rock Artist - Walla
Best Pop Artist - The Beu Sisters
Best Rock Artist - Glitter Rose
Best Hip Hop Artist - Ko-Lition
Best Dance Artist - Melanie Taylor
Best Electronica - The Ground Above
Best R&B/Soul Artist - Ill Funk Ensemble
LGBT Person of the Year – Dr John Carvalho
Best Radio Disk Jockey - Diggy Kat
Producer of the Year – Avery Berman
Lifetime Humanitarian Award - Ron Whitaker and Isabella Shaldan
Humanitarian of the Year - D'Andre Lampkin
Lifetime Achievement – Brad Mercer
Breakthrough Artist of the Year - Lisa Panagos
John Cassese “Comeback Artist of the Year"
Album of the Year – Glitter Rose
Artist of the Year - Katie Cole

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