Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Ron Whitaker and Isabella Shaldan to be honored with the Lifetime Humanitarian Awards

On February 7, 2013, Simi Valley residents, Ron Whitaker and Rodica Shaldan will be honored with the Lifetime Humanitarian Awards at the 2nd annual 2013 Artists In Music Awards held at Key Club in West Hollywood, CA. 

Ron Whitaker is an award winning drummer, and a six time Humanitarian award winner. His model/ actress fiance, Rodica Isabella Shaldan has joined him in the quest for a better world, and has also achieved six Humanitarian awards in the process. Their double force of contributing time, and talent to their communities is hope for a much more fortunate future.
            It is their humanitarian work that means the most to them. Their goal is to reach out and inspire others to contribute in meeting the needs of the prospective community.
            As a teen, Ron Whitaker has learned the value of mentoring, and caring for those less fortunate, from his parents. Through the years working with the homeless, and veterans, Ron has positively influenced and devoted great assistance to everyone he had encountered. He has mentored many young musicians, and helped out low income families with access to dental care. He has also assisted in the annual Salute to Arms, a day where we feed, and honor our veterans. 
            Award-winning drummer, Ron Whitaker, has played with members of groups such as Guns and Roses, Def Leopard, and Quiet Riot, to name just a few. He has also appeared in a Autism Awareness video with Lynette Louise.
            Whitaker has dedicated four decades to contribute in expanding communities, and to bring its people closer together. He strongly believes his success as a professional musician enables him to inspire and influence others in contributing to helping out the community as much as it is possible.
            Rodica Shaldan, has dedicated a bit over two decades to her humanitarian work, which includes working with veterans, the homeless, and many more in need. From the fragile age of 8 years old, the Romanian born humanitarian, knew she was built for greatness. At that age, Shaldan made her first act of random kindness; She gave up her delicious pastry to a homeless man, even though her own mother could not afford another one for her. From that day forward, Rodica has been concerned with helping those in need. She has volunteered to serve, and cook, at many homeless shelters, which is what inspired her to go forth with a benefit concert in the United States.
            Before coming to America, Rodica was musically inclined, and played the trombone in an orchestra. She worked as a nurse at the local hospital, and thoroughly enjoyed her work. In her spare time, Rodica picked up a modeling career, and had been in several fashion shows for Madalene, a designer collection. A model since her 20's, Rodica has recently added acting to her resume. To top it all off, she is also a mother to 3 children, all of whom are now grown adults.
            Ron Whitaker, along with Rodica Isabella Shaldan, will continue to dedicate their lives to such great causes, and never give up hope on all the ones in need of an extra helping hand.

Humanitarian Work
·      Volunteered at Los Angeles Homeless Shelters, Ventura County Homeless Shelters, and most        recently, in the city of Santa Clarita.
·       Produced “Free Aide Life Concert”, to launch the Simi Valley Free Dental Clinic. 
·      California Deaf Association.
·      Autistic children music videos.
·      Children's Hospital of Los Angeles.
·      Works with our Veterans.
·      Safe Harbor, benefiting foster children.  
·      L.A. Mission
·      Midnight Mission
·      Dream Center
·      Hope of the Valley Rescue Mission
·      Children Hospital
·      For the Children
·      Samaritan Center

Humanitarian Awards
         2011- County of Los Angeles Humanitarian Award.
            2012- California State Senate Humanitarian Award.
            2012- 22nd Annual Los Angeles Music Awards.
            -Rock N' Roll Humanitarian of the Year
            2012- City of Los Angeles Humanitarian Award.
            2012- City of Beverly Hills Humanitarian Award.
            2013- City of Los Angeles Humanitarian Award.


  1. this is the biggest crock of crap... neither one of them do anything but pose for pictures. The get everyone else to do their work and take no responsibility. The guy is an unemployed flunky who never changes his clothes. She works for Wal-mart and is as fake as her wigs..

  2. At least they are in lights, camera, action! Just like our President who does nothing for his country but lobby and lie!
    And you with the Anonymous as your name with no guts or glory? I give it up to anyone who can work for free! And don't worry about other people's business and talk shit!

  3. It's easy for anonymous people to sit back and criticize others, when they themselves have done nothing to contribute to society. Working at Walmart and being an activist does not make your actions less of a worth. What matters is that you stand up for what you believe in and speak up. Even if you have no money of your own to donate, speaking up and sending a message does inspire others to donate what you cannot. That is the power of persuasion. That is what is most important. If everyone sat back and said nothing to help others, the world would be a terrible place to live in.

    1. sure if any of that crap above was true, but its not...Talk to the hundreds they've burned. its the lies they make up to look important. Obviously you don't know them. If you want to know how they do it, hang around, some of their friends, they teach each other how to get attention..they are a club of scum suckers. "Red Carpets R Us"

  4. Why be anonymous?

  5. I love how people are so fast to criticize others, and they don't even donate their own time to helping others and become haters, because they are jealous that there is some Humanitarian's like Ron and Isabella who will give their free time to society and receive Awards for their Humanitarian Work , even if it was constructive, good for each other or another way to pass their time away, it don't matter they still do it and not for the people who criticize because that's how a person like Anonymous who hides and bicker because you are to weak! I would like to see the Anonymous stand and do something to help and stop hiding behind the Anonymous like you are, and not actually making a difference in the world, by hating the people who do things to help where others wont! Humanitarian Work and awards is documentation of proof by a third party that they are appreciated for working from their heart!

  6. Name a band Ron Whitaker has ever toured or played with?
    Name a Movie Rodica Shaldan has ever played in?
    Name one event they ever produced in reality?
    They only show up for pictures, ask how they get humanitarian awards? Call any of those who have given them, they call and ask for them and show them pictures. Any idiot can, they give them freely without doing anything. They did that to our office and we did our homework and refused to inflate their ego any further.

  7. Ron has played with Guns n Roses, Poison, Rolling Stones and several other famous bands. He has toured with several as well. Isabella has been in several films in her country! Together they have raised thousands of dollars in their Humanitarian work! They have received a star in the hollywood walk of fame for their work! Just this year Ron received a special award in the music industry along with Olivia Newton John in Las Vegas and just 2 weeks ago was invited and performed at the White House. So for all you haters be sure to get your facts straight before bashing another human being. Why can't you just be happy that someone was noticed for their hard work.