Friday, May 31, 2013

2014 Artists In Music Awards Voting Polls are Now Open

Alrighty Kids!

Summer is upon us and in case you aren’t aware, the voting polls for the 3rd Annual Artists In Music Awards are NOW open (see below), so if you’re an artist and your name is not listed, we are still accepting award nomination applications.

Music Xray


Voting for the professional judges panel will commence beginning November 1, 2013. The list of Final Nominees will be announced during a special Red Carpet Nomination Event in December 2013 (date and location TBA). The voting polls will reopen to the public to help determine who will win each of the 30 categories in February 2014 (date and location TBA).

The sooner you enter, the greater are your chances of winning an award in one of our 30 categories. 


During the past two years, we have witnessed several artists that were not happy with the results. Some didn't win because they waited too long to submit. Some artists submitted early, but they saw no need to promote themselves to get those all important fan votes and it dramatically affected the results. While we do have an experienced panel of judges, only 50% of the results are weighed in by their decision. The other 50% is weighed on the number of fan votes. This was a fair way to measure not only an artist’s technical and vocal talent, but it was necessary to include the artist’s popularity.


Yes, we are announcing the addition of three new categories including Composer/Songwriter of the Year, Best Teen Artist, Best Teen Pop Artist, and Best Teen Single

Best Adult Contemporary Arist 
Best Alternative Artist
Best Blues Artist 
Best Christian/Gospel Artist
Composer/Songwriter of the Year
Best Country Artist
Best Dance Artist
Best Radio Disc Jockey
Best Electronica Artist
Best Folk/Acoustic Artist
Best Hip Hop Artist
Best Indie Artist
Best Jazz Artist
Best Latin Artist 
LGBT Person of the Year
Best Pop Artist
Producer of the Year
Best Music Video
Best Reggae Artist
Best R&B/Soul Artist
Best Rock Artist
Best Singer/Songwriter 
Best Southern Rock Artist
Best Teen Artist
Best Teen Pop Artist
Best Teen Single

Judge's Categories (voting will commence November 1, 2013)
Alan Freed Award (Lifetime Achievement Award)
Artist of the Year
Album of the Year
Performer of the Year
Humanitarian of the Year

 *If your category is not represented, please let us know


Come out to Hard Rock Cafe on June 27, 2013 for the St Jude Children's Research Hospital Charity event and concert featuring 2013 AIMA Best Folk/Acoustic Artist winner Soren Bryce and Best Rock Artist and Album of the Year Winner Glitter Rose



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