Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Music Video Premiere ‘Next Town’ by Stacy Clark

Stacy Clark is a Singer Songwriter originally from Buffalo, NY. Now, residing in Los Angeles, Stacy has accomplished many achievements including making the Billboard Heat Seeker Chart, garnered as one of Amazon’s Best Selling Albums in 2011, crowned as Best Pop Artist at the OC Music Awards, and taking home the Best Singer/Songwriter award at the 2012 Artists In Music Awards. This year, Stacy Clark releases her newest EP Days Into Nights.

From her new EP, Stacy releases her newest music video titled, ‘Next Town’. 'Next Town' explores Stacy’s internal and external emotions as she deals with a break up and her trying to find the next chapter in her life and love life in the next town.

The color pallet for the video is primarily black and white with the exception of highly saturated images projected on Stacy’s face and body. The projected images are a visual representation of the first verse of the song. They can either symbolize her reminiscing on her past relationship or her dreams and desires for her new relationship with either her life or next love, hence ‘Next Town’.

Other scenes in the video feature Stacy driving on a desert road, her hands on the wheel, her hair, and her face… This suggests her internal state of mind, while arriving in a small town at sunset. The shots are abstract enough to convey her emotional and psychological struggles, while also giving the video an avant-garde feel that hasn’t been seen before.

To view the music video for ‘Next Town’, view on Youtube at:

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