Thursday, February 13, 2014

A Successful 3rd Annual Artists In Music Awards is Now on the Books

Glitter Rose performs at AIMA Awards Ceremony
What a most incredible night on February 7 at Jon Lovitz Theatre for the 3rd Annual Artists In Music Awards! There were so many amazing artists that were recognized under the lights. With over 700 people in attendance, there were some of the most incredible performances. The buzz of the night was Glitter Rose and BP Major.

Glitter Rose not only performed her two famous songs, "American Girl" and "Kody Was a Killer," but  she walked away with four awards for Best Southern Rock Artist, Best Music Video for "Buda Negra" directed by Amy Campione, and Performer of the Year, but she also captured AIMA's top honor for Artist of the Year, which makes Glitter the most winningest artist in Artists In Music Awards history. Glitter Rose now holds six AIMA award titles.

BP Major performing at the AIMA Awards Ceremony
BP Major put on a jaw dropping performance. If you were expecting to see half naked men on stage, that's exactly what you got. No one was expecting five men in revealing green tights to be dancing on stage. BP Major also walked away with the award for Best Dance Artist.

What is most surprising is this year was the largest attendance of Nominees. Almost every nominee in each of the 30 categories were there at the awards ceremony on Friday. It was so great to see so many familiar faces and so many new faces as well.

There are so many artists to mention about the night. Cheating Daylight opened the show in high gear with a stellar performance. Congratulations to this young band of brothers for winning Best Rock Artist. They are definitely an artist to keep an eye on. One of the performers for the evening was Walla. Walla came away big with two awards for Best Alternative Artist and Best Indie Artist. A big congratulations to Walla. They are now a 3-time AIMA award winners. Another artist that walked away with multiple awards was 2013 Best Folk/Acoustic Artist winner, Soren Bryce. Soren swept both her categories to win Best Singer Songwriter and she defended her title to win Best Folk/Acoustic Artist for a second year in a row. Other repeat winners included Trevor Sewell for Best Blues Artist. Melanie Taylor put on a sensational performance and took home the Best Pop Artist trophy. Melanie is now a two-time AIMA winner.
Cheating Daylight shows off Best Rock Artist trophy
with Executive Producer Mikey Jayy

The Como Brothers band came all the way from Long Island, New York and took home two of the highest honors including Composer of the Year and Album of the Year for "Baby Steps". Torrey Mercer also came away big with two awards including Best Teen Artist and Inspirational Artist of the Year for her work in Anti-bullying with kids.

One notable winner is Mark Lamdanski of Twitter Tuesday LIVE. He flew out to Los Angeles from Hollywood, Florida to broadcast the Awards Ceremony live on simulcast to seven radio stations across the country. Mark went on stage to introduce Host Nic Creznic, instead he was awarded the Best Independent Radio Show for Twitter Tuesday LIVE on World Wide Indie Radio. We also rebroadcasted the "Alan Freed Award" for Lifetime Achievement that was given to 1998 Rock N' Roll Hall of Fame Inductee, career actress, and last surviving member of The Mamas and the Papas, Michelle Phillips.

Matt Como of The Como Brothers band showing off
their awards
A special thanks goes out to Host - Nic Creznic, Award Presenter and Super Model - Dustin Quick,  Red Carpet Interviewer - HR Cole of InDSpotlight.  A special thanks goes to our staff including Red Carpet Host and Actress - Ali Haigh, Hostess - Anna Siqueiros, Video/Sound Engineer - Jennifer Traber, Red Carpet Organizer - Tracy Eckland, and our intern Stephanie Villalobos.

We'd also like to thank this year's sponsors - Arts Seen and Heard PR, Indie Music Bus, MusicSUBMIT, Katharine James Fine Jewelry, Independent Music Promotions, Spirit Airlines, KGUP 106.5FM, and St Jude Children's Research Hospital.


2-time 2014 AIMA winner - Walla 
Artist of the Year
· Glitter Rose (WINNER)
· Cheating Daylight
· The Como Brothers Band

Album of the Year
· "Baby Steps" by The Como Brothers Band - (WINNER)
· Walla - Nature EP
· Calico - Calico the Band EP

 Performer of the Year
· Max and the Moon
· Walla
· Y Luv
Soren Bryce shows off her two awards
· Melanie Taylor
· Glitter Rose (WINNER)

Best Alternative Artist
· In Air
· Y Luv
· Max and the Moon
· Walla (WINNER)
· MK Ultra

 Best Teen Pop Artist
· Torrey Mercer
· Tyler Lane
· Tyler Matl (WINNER)
· Above Seclusion
· Anne Jane Bishop

KedaSings poses with
Best R&B/Soul Artist Award
 Best Music Video
· “Buda Negra” - Glitter Rose (WINNER)
· “Looking Glass” - Torrey Mercer
· “Wolf In Sheep Skin” - Lora McHugh
· “Run” - Marina V
· “One More Day” - Ben Davis

Best Singer Songwriter
· Aoede
· Marga Lane
· Justin Dorsey
· The Como Brothers Band
· Soren Bryce (WINNER)

Best Folk/Acoustic Artist
· Granicy Square
· Michael Annotti
· Soren Bryce (WINNER)
· Alex Cartwright
· Nothing North of Alaska

Best Pop Artist winner - Melanie Taylor
Best R&B
· KedaSings (WINNER)
· Shae
· Justice Boateng
· Dezmond Meeks
· Marga Lane

 Best Indie Artist
· Walla (WINNER)
· Max and the Moon
· Cheating Daylight
· Golden Bear

 Best Jazz Artist
· Lynn Cardona
· David Longoria (WINNER)
· Jacnique Harris-Love
· Level 10
 Composer of the Year
· Alex Carwright
Best Jazz Artist winner - David Longoria
· Nicki Kris
· The Como Brothers Band (WINNER)
· Aoede
· London Thor

 Best Blues Artist
· BigBang Zoom
· Paul Blissett
· Douye’
· Trevor Sewell (WINNER)
· Anne McClain

 Producer of the Year
· Daniel “Dagger” Kain
· Dran Michael (WINNER)
· David Gielan
· Josh Igloo Monroy
· Gregory Hutchison

 Best Rock Artist
· G William Boyd
Inspirational Artist of the Year &
Best Teen Artist winner - Torrey Mercer
 · The Como Brothers Band
· Cheating Daylight (WINNER)
· Pullman Standard
· Mustard

 Best Urban/Hip Hop Artist
· YaBoi Eljay
· Cali Barnes
· Antwon King

 Best Electronica Artist
· Travis Royce (WINNER)
· Ex-Plosion
· Shadow System
· Drop Kick Pop

 Best Adult Contemporary Artist
· Nicki Kris
· Tom Slack
· Melissa VanFleet
Best Teen Pop Artist winner - Tyler Matl
· David Gielan
· Bruce Lev (WINNER)

 Best Country Artist
· Kaela Kinney
· The C.R. Ecker Band
· Leigh Cara
· Calico the Band
· McKenna Loren (WINNER)

 Best Pop Song
· “Shine Your Light” - Diverse Pop Group
· Party Glitter RockStar” - Lexi ·
 “All I Ever Wanted” - Tyler Matl
· “Forbidden Fruit” - Chelsa Perkins (WINNER)
· “Not the Same” - Shae
Bruce Lev shows off his
Best Adult Contemporary Artist award

 Best Christian/Gospel Artist
· Megan Tibbits
· Anya Alexandria
· Anne McClain (WINNER)
· In the Midst 777

 Best Latin Artist
· Samy Gana
· Juan Francisco Zerpa
· Henya Tejeda
· Ennio Emmannuel (WINNER)

 Best Southern Rock Artist
· Big Bang Zoom
· Glitter Rose (WINNER)
· Kaela Kinney
· Jarvis Brown

 Best Teen Artist
· Torrey Mercer (WINNER)
· Diamante
Best Electronica Artist winner - Travis Royce
· Brooke Rose
· Anne Jane Bishop
· Lovey James

 Best Reggae Artist
· KedaSings
· Sono Vero (WINNER)

 Best Pop Artist
· FevaMode
· Tyler Matl
· Melanie Taylor (WINNER)
· Chelsea Perkins
· Torrey Mercer

 Best Dance Artist
Artist In Cinema winner - Christina DeRosa
· BP Major (WINNER)
· Natalie Jean
· Mina Koo
· Melanie Taylor
· Desmond Meeks

Inspirational Artist of the Year
· Torrey Mercer for her work in Anti-bullying with kids

 Best Independent Radio Show
· Twitter Tuesday LIVE

 Best New Artist
Best Country Artist winner - McKenna Loren
· MK Ultra

Artist In Cinema Award
· Christina DeRosa

Young Artist Award
· Mehkenna

 Lifetime Achievement
· Michelle Philips


  1. What an exciting night! TWO big thumbs up to Mikey Jayy, Nic Creznic, H. R. Cole, and the rest of the AIMA team for such a successful event and year. I can't wait for this next year's AIMAs events! I hope to be performing at one of the breakthrough series shows.

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