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Interview with Author and Film Producer Matthew C Martino

Matthew Martino born 27 October 1992 is a British Entrepreneur, Film Producer and Author. Educated at Shenfield High School in Brentwood , Martino has always held a passion for writing - He has always focused on educational writing and research. His first book Lets Fly which was published by DM Aviation was well received by pilots and aviation enthusiasts around the world. During his early years Martino showed all the qualities required to maintain proven success. Martino has lived in Brentwood, United Kingdom for seven years before which he lived in his hometown of Bulawayo in Zimbabwe.

All Indie Magazine: Your first book is called “Let’s Fly” it was released in 2011. It was a cleaver book about the history of flight and basic concepts of flying, in fact, you go into the magic of flying and how it’s possible for a machine that literally weights hundreds of tons. What motivated you to write this book? 

Matthew: Lets Fly was motivated by my own love for flying and I had gone through hell to just get my first experience in the cockpit and had realised that flight instructors don’t always give you helpful tips so I wanted to write a book to further educate my fellow aspiring pilots.

All Indie Magazine:  Your second book was released just last year, entitled “Go For It”. In this book, you venture into the world of entrepreneurship. What drove you to going from a book on the mechanics of flight to writing a book about being your own boss?

Matthew: With Go For It I really hadn’t planned to write this book but my then manager (Simon Phetter) said to me I should write to keep my skills current and I began jotting points down and my mum being a business woman and with my business experience I was able to put something together. Im glad some young entrepreneurs are educated by it. 

All Indie Magazine: What author did you look up to during your youth?

Matthew: Sir Alan Sugar was someone I looked up so much as his books where educational but very entertaining ‘What you see is what you get’ was my favorite book from him.

All Indie Magazine: What authors do you like to read now?

Matthew: I read a bit of JK Rowling, I also tend to read a lot of books by indie authors with the hope of turning their fiction books into films.

All Indie Magazine:  Do you currently have a new book in the works? If so, when can people expect it to come out and where can they find it?

Matthew: No nothing in the works, my typewriter is safely stowed away in the shed waiting for a inspirational day. Im hoping to write my first fictional book soon, I’d say next year.

All Indie Magazine:  Also in 2013, you took “Let’s Fly” and turned it into a documentary, which you produced yourself. How was this experience for you and do you have any desire to produce and direct in the coming future? 

Matthew: Yes I did that was exciting, yes I have a few projects in the pipeline and I’m hoping to get those on the way this year. I don’t hold any particular desire to direct as yet, but give me a producing role any day. I'll take it.

All Indie Magazine:  In your experience, which do you prefer? Being a writer or producing? 

Matthew: I prefer being a writer, as you can create something out of nothing, you brainstorm the initial idea of a film or project and the producer essentially puts it into action, I still love producing none the less.

All Indie Magazine:  What do you consider the most challenging and most rewarding, writing or directing and why?

Matthew: I personally think directing is very challenging; directors have to motivate actors and have to also hold the storyline strong. When a movie does well the director is often instrumental into making it happen.

All Indie Magazine:  What director did you look up to during your youth and who is your favorite director today?

Matthew: I looked up to Ridley Scott and my favorite director is Richard Curtis – He hasn’t directed a lot of pieces but the few that he has done have been great masterpieces.

All Indie Magazine:  If you were to produce any film and money was no object, which film would you produce and who would you cast in your film?

Matthew: Well if I had the chance I would produce a spy thriller based mostly in an airplane and in Dubai. I would cast Jason Statham & Kate Winslet.

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