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Interview with Adrian Voo: Hollywood's Newest and Hardest Working Actor

Originally from Malaysia, Adrian Voo is one of Hollywood's newest and hardest working actors. With multiple feature films on the release belt, various film festival nominations, a new ground-breaking web series on the way; Adrian Voo has quickly proven that "determination conquers all" since his graduation from the New York Film Academy in 2012.

Interview with Adrian Voo

All Indie Magazine: First of all, thank you for the opportunity to interview you. You made your film debut in ITN's post-apocalyptic Sci-fi Horror film INFECTED. How did it feel to get casted in your first film?

Adrian Voo: Getting casted in that film became an ultimate motivation for me. I was just about to graduate from film school and sign with my first talent reps; plus about a month prior, I tested for an ABC pilot and was still feeling defeated – I was completely “green”. Infected gave me an opportunity to run. In fact, I originally auditioned for a supporting role in the film but ended up booking a lead in the callbacks. I recall the producers being nervous about me ‘not having a feature film credit on my resume’ at the time. Film school gave me tools and theory, but working on my first feature film was the true test.

All Indie Magazine: You've worked on several projects. Which one was your most memorable?

Adrian Voo: It would have to be Infected because it was my first. You never forget your first feature.

All Indie Magazine: In one of your newest projects, Blackjacks is your first web series. It's a drama set in the future and you're one of the main characters and it's due out this Summer. Can you tell me more about the series and about your character in it?

Adrian Voo: I play a character named Lee (a.k.a. Clu3) in Black Jacks. Lee is a gamer, hacker, fighter for justice in a dark era. The show is set in a bleak, almost desolate future. Lee is a new player in the show who starts the ripple, alongside a character named Olivia, played by Nicole Badaan. I cannot wait for the world to see the show later this summer on www.blackjacks.tv

All Indie Magazine: In the film Seventy-Nine, you play a supporting actor role. What was the best part of playing this role? 

Adrian Voo: As an actor, you are always praying to play a twisted, tormented role because those roles give you a chance to really dig deep into the imagination of human suffering. When Filip first told me about the script, I was immediately drawn to the role. Isamu is such a dark, torn and depressed character. Crafting his world for me was such a learning curve; I wanted to give justice to the trust that the director gave me. It was no surprise to me that Seventy-Nine won Best Directing at LASciFi Film Festival!  

All Indie Magazine: Your degree wasn't in acting. In fact, you got your degree in Operations

Adrian Voo: And I actually started off in Health Science… However, I also have an acting degree. Education is a gift. I think too many people forget that we are fortunate to live in a country where we have access to good higher education.

All Indie Magazine: How did acting become the forefront of your career?

Adrian Voo: I think it’s my way of fighting time and never growing up! I grew up an only-child; make belief was how I spent most of my childhood. But no, I never thought that I would be running from zombies and evil scientists, when I grew up – that was a plus.  

All Indie Magazine: What are some of your all-time favorite films?

Adrian Voo: Jurassic Park, Back to the Future and pretty much anything from Walt Disney. I’m a big geek at heart.  

All Indie Magazine: If you could choose to co-star with a major actor or actress, who would you pick?

Adrian Voo: Mark Ruffalo. Now there’s a truly versatile dramatic actor if there ever was! 

All Indie Magazine: What are some things you like to do when you're not acting?

Adrian Voo: I’m a big health guy. I pretty much get into anything that keeps me active and moving. I really enjoy boot camp, TRX classes and spending time in the gym. I’m totally addicted to the endorphins. I also practice a lot of yoga and meditation.

All Indie Magazine: What can fans expect from Adrian Voo in the near future?

Adrian Voo: Infected and Seventy-Nine are both coming to VOD, DVD and BLU-RAY this Fall! Black Jacks will be out later this Summer. Hopefully more release news to come…  

All Indie Magazine: What are you most excited about?

Adrian Voo: I’m always excited to see where my journey in life takes me. Looking back in my life, I’m always reminded that one thing has lead to another. So hopefully the next chapters will continue to surprise me.

Adrian Voo is represented by Jump Talent Management and The Brogan Agency.

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