Saturday, July 19, 2014

Interview with a Handpainted Crafts Artisan, Madeline Lasell

Residing in Massachusetts, a mother of three, and working for a non-profit organization by day and artist by
night, Madeline Lasell is a pop-art junkie that strives to make artistic hand painted gifts in her spare time. Madeline's relaxation is to create fine and delicate pieces of art from statement vases to ceramics to fill in living spaces, office, or bedroom.

Interview with Madeline Lasell

Tell me about yourself and your background.

I am a mother of three from MA. I work for a non profit organization. I do this in basically all of the spare time that I have. You could call it my relaxtion method. I am looking to create items that gain sentimental value as a people we remember those items that are delicate beautiful or decorative that made our living space, office or bedroom feel like it was marked with our style and flair.

What got you into sculpture painting?

Madeline: Most of us remember visiting as we are young and homes have these intriguing figures in cabinets and decorative artifacts.

What inspires you to create your pieces?

Madeline: Painting my 1st love. I look all over the place for items that inspire me to paint tiny surface spaces

Is that what you would call your work or is there a formal name for this type of work?

What motived you to become an artist? What is your favorite era in art?

Madeline: My mistress so to speak.I have been painting since I was a child even Exhibited in the past. I am a huge fan of historic Art culture I can name most works by artist and year. My favorite is post modern

Most of your projects are quite small standing only 4 inches tall. What is your largest item you've painted?

The largest I have ever done was a full body self portrait that made me appreciate that human portraits were not my forte.

Do you ever do canvas painting? Is this something we might find in the future?

Madeline: Canvas is great but gets tedious after awhile.

You mentioned that you've been painting since you were a child. Did you ever in your lifetime want to make art your career choice? What is the primary reason you haven't pursued it?

Madeline:  If I ever take off to the level where the shop is truly successful I would want to do it full time and
incorporate some sort of charitable element to help those in need. I am always expanding mediums so I would consider adding other sections to the shop such as jewelry or children's items.

Art is everywhere we look and it has been around as long as man has walked the earth, but art is still under-appreciated and very few people are paid for it. In today's economy, do find that it's difficult to get hired as an artist?

Madeline: Yes, but in this day and age we live in a culture that does not support a lot of Art related fields.

What is your take on the art world? (I am curious about your personal opinion)

Madeline: Art is lost on this current culture we lost appreciation for the craftsman ages ago children barely are exposed to creative ventures.

Do any of your pieces represent you? If so, which piece represents yourself?

Madeline: Hmm, the religious pieces are close to my heart.

What is in store for you? What can people expect in the near future?

Madeline: My future is undefined Who knows maybe I will be able to use my skill to be a positive influence in some way

Thank you for your time for this interview

Madeline: Thanks for the opportunity to share my thoughts.

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