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Droppin' the Bass from Outer Space: Interview with DJ Majestik

DJ Majestik is Jim Giordano, DJ and producer of dance and electronica. He has been heard on MTV's "Making the Video", ORock 105.9 radio station in Orlando, FL, on a production of a Dallas Cowboy video, and on WSBU the Buzz in St Bonaventure, NY. He has also been heard around the Western / Central New York area DJ'ing everything from hip hop to Club to Dance, even Progressive and Trance.

After moving to Murfreesboro, TN at the end of 2013, he has seen his career skyrocket! At the end of 2013, his hit single "Blazin' feat Mr Shammi & Fiorina" was signed by Zion Records and released globally in Jan of 2014. It has peaked at #29 of the Reggae/Dub charts on Beatport. Also in Jan of 2014 he was named #1 DJ/producer in Murfreesboro, TN by ReverbNation.

Recently his two tracks "Element 115" and "Go Hardcore" were signed by Breach Records and were released as an EP on Beatport in March and globally on April 1st.

DJ Majestik will be focusing his efforts over the next few months on promoting his new EP Intergalactic with 2Four, however, a full-length album is in the works. DJ Majestik and 2Four are currently building a tour across the Southeast region, with sights set on coordinating a larger tour across U.S. college campuses.

Interview DJ Majestik:
How did you get started as a DJ?

DJ Majestik: In 1999, a friend of mine gave me a copy of Propellerheads Rebirth and I was hooked on making music. In 2000, I released my first full length album. This immediately got play on MTV's Making the Video, and my manager at the time needed me to focus on DJing to perform out. I picked up 2 Numark HDX's, a 2 channel mixer, and my love of DJing was formed. Years later I was playing a gig in New York and met DJ Druski, another electro / dubstep DJ and we collaborated and formed a DJ group called the EL3KTRO!DZ, which we are now bringing to Nashville.

What artists or DJ's inspired you while you were growing up?

DJ Majestik: I grew up in the 90's Orlando Breakz era so I was influenced by DJ Icey, Baby Anne, and DJ Stylus. As my style progressed, I got into Fatboy Slim, Crystal Method, and the Chemical Brothers. I think I played The Crystal Method's Vegas until the CD wouldn't work anymore lol.

Are there any DJs you like today?

DJ Majestik: I loved DJs who are creative and try new things in their sets. With technology shifting in today's DJ setup, I believe DJs are even more challenged to incorporate new ideas and new concepts into their sets. I was a big fan of DJ AM, he was so impressive the way he blended old school scratching with new school techniques. So when I look for a DJ I like, I look for more than just what songs are played. I am a big fan of Knife Party, Showtek, and the Bingo Players. I think they not only play the style that fits me, but also are true trend setters and amazing performers. That's what you get from a DJ Majestik set.

What was your most memorable gig?

DJ Majestik: I played Level B in Ithaca, NY a few times and always felt a lot of energy and love from that place. I remember my first show, I was so nervous. I ended up having over 100 people on the dance floor and got rave reviews. It really fueled my passion for performing. I just love being in front of people.

If you could perform anywhere in the world at any given time period, where would you want to DJ at?

DJ Majestik:  Without a doubt DJing in Ibiza would be a dream. A good friend of mine from the UK regularly goes, and he has sent me back a lot of merch from there. I have always wanted to go and experience it in person, but to be on stage in front of all those people would be an amazing accomplishment!

You released an EP earlier this year. What are you most proud of about that EP?

DJ Majestik: You know, I really wasn't expecting much from my single "Blazin' feat. DJ Shammi & Fiorina", but I watched it climb to 27 on the Beatport charts, and I was so honored that there were so many people not only listening and liking it, but buying it! It really was the start to where I am today.

You currently have a new album in the works. Is it going to be a full LP? What can fans expect to hear from DJ Majestik?

DJ Majestik: I am so excited about my new project with Nashville rapper 2Four! I have messed around with hip hop vocals in my music before, but I never had an artist that was truly committed to working a dubstep / electro sound the way he has. The new EP "Intergalactic" is four songs that incorporate different styles, and currently we are in the studio working on finishing off more songs that I have written. Once that is completed, we'll be releasing a full length album with the help of Juggernaut Entertainment.

You've been signed by two different labels during the past year. How has being signed two record labels helped your career?

DJ Majestik: It showed me that I wasn't the only one listening to my songs lol. I think a lot of artists get caught up in how many likes and comments they receive on social media, and it wasn't until my music got a broader audience that I realized that I really have something here. My first label was from India, and they have a strong EDM presence there. My first track was very well received. My second EP has a song "Element 115" currently being reviewed by A&R reps for inclusion in advertisements and television/movies, and I wouldn't have had that exposure without the help of those labels.

You mentioned that you're building a tour across the Southeast Region. Which areas do you anticipate hitting and can you be specific to what locations yet?

DJ Majestik: William at Juggernaut Entertainment has been focusing on getting us playing at college campuses across Tennessee (my home state) as well as Kentucky, Georgia, Alabama, and Mississippi. We hope to then branch out from there and start playing more places around the Country. But our main demographic and focus is on college aged students, and we plan on playing as many campuses as we can.

What's next for DJ Majestik? A new EP, a music video?

DJ Majestik: We have two music videos in the works, both for "Lockdown" and "Intergalactic", and I have a new promotional video professionally being done that should be back to me in the next week. My goal is to start DJing around Nashville, having moved here about a year ago. I also will continue to write new music and release that as often as I can. My new song "Bitches feat. Charlie Rose" is a very unique and interesting dubstep track. I would love to continue collaborating with other singers, EDM artists, and even other genres as well. Music is my passion and I love to see all the new things I can do with it.

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