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A Mountain, A Struggle, A Tunnel, A Light: Interview with Jiggley Jones

Jiggley Jones, whether alone or a member of various bands in the past has written or co-written well over 100 songs. His prolific writing earned him 2 nominations and a subsequent win, for Songwriter of the Year, at the 2013 International Music and Entertainment Association (IMEA) Awards, 2 New Music Awards nominations (AC New Artist and AC Breakthrough Artist) and a 2014 Independent Country Music Association Award nomination for Best Americana Artist. He also received 3 IMEA Award Nominations in 2014 and an AMG Heritage Awards nomination. His experience has taken him through various phases and musical endeavors including a stint during his younger years working in entertainment public relations in Los Angeles. With some success on college radio, Jones was also, as a member of a band called “Q”, involved with soundtrack projects on select MTV shows such as The Dennis Rodman Show, Cindy Crawford’s “House of Style”, and the reality show Road Rules.

His live shows have taken him to Nashville’s CMA Festival in both 2013 and 2014, where he performed at BB King’s Blues Club and the Tin Roof, as well as other top notch venues such as The Hard Rock Café in Philly, The Bitter End in NYC, and The World Café in Wilmington, Delaware. He has also performed at the prestigious Dewey Beach Music Conference, Singer Songwriter Cape May, and the Millennium Music Conference.

Interview with Jiggley Jones

What motivated you to become a singer songwriter?

Jiggley Jones: I don’t know if it was motivation or something that just fell into place naturally as I played my instrument over time.

Tell me about your name "Jiggley". How did that name come about?

Jiggley Jones: That’s actually a nickname that I’ve had for many years. Once my friends stuck that to me it spread like wildfire and before I knew it everybody was calling me that.

I see that you have a few accolades. How does it feel to be recognized by IMEA and ICM for your work as an artist?

Jiggley Jones: It feels great ! It’s one thing when fans recognize you by listening to your music but when the industry recognizes you that’s a different kind of satisfaction.
Have you considered other award programs like the Independent Music Awards and the Artists In Music Awards?

Jiggley Jones: Well my manager is the one who usually submits me so I hope he reads this, haha.
Tell me about your likes. Who was your idol music artist growing up?

I grew up listening to Classic Rock and I loved (and still do) Neil Young, The Eagles, CCR etc…

Who do you like listening to today?

Jiggley Jones:  I’ve become a huge Country Music fan and love everybody from Zac Brown to Blackberry Smoke and I’m really liking those guys “The Cadillac Three.”

Earlier this Summer, you released your EP ... A Mountain, A Struggle, A Tunnel, A Light .... Tell us about the album. What inspired you to create this EP and what is the message you want to give to listeners?

Jiggley Jones: This record was a collection of some of my older songs and a few newer ones that fit in with the title. That would be my metaphor for life itself and the struggles and accomplishments that happen as you go along.

What song on the album are you most proud of?

Jiggley Jones: I like “Early Morning Light.” It just has that raw emotion to it.

I see that you currently endorse a charity organization. Can you talk about it and why you feel so strongly about supporting their cause?

Jiggley Jones: This organization isn’t a charity in itself. What they do is pair artists with charities to bring light to those specific charities. In other words if an artist who was well known showed up at an event for a certain charity, then the public would become more aware of the event and therefor more attention would hopefully be given to that charity.

So, what is in the immediate future for Jiggley Jones, a tour, music video, a song in an upcoming film perhaps?

Jiggley Jones: Right now the focus is to get the word out about the latest release. So whatever that involves, whether it be interviews or live performances etc.., then that’s the direction I will head for a good while.

Thank you for your time Jiggley Jones. Best wishes on your career and we hope to see one of your performances here in Los Angeles, CA.

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