Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Birthed by Wolves: Interview with Blood Sugar Summer

Blood Sugar Summer are a Northumbrian 'doomwave' band, who's unique fusion of doom metal and synth-pop has to be heard to be believed. They're a duo made up of Benjo James (vocals/keys) and Jack Wilson (guitars). They're making serious waves online and are certainly a band to look out for.

Sounds like Doom, doomwave, metal, gothic, synth-pop.

Interview with Blood Sugar Summer

Let's start off with a question about the band. How did Benjo and Jack meet?

Benjo James: We’ve known each other for quite a few years now, and have made music together in various incarnations.

What made the two of you decide to start a band? What was that defining moment that made you say, "Let's start a band"?

BJ: No other bands were making the music we wanted to hear, so we figured we’d form a band and subject the world to the beautiful monstrosity that the kids are calling ‘doomwave’.

How did you come up with the name Blood Sugar Summer?

BJ: It’s a random combination of words that roll of the tongue nicely. And because Infant Annihilator was already taken.

So far you only have two songs on your EP. Tell us about your first track "Haunted". What is the story behind that song?

BJ: It concerns a regular clubber who constantly comes into contact with the apparition of an attractive young woman. He’s not sure if she’s a ghost, a missing person or if he’s just tripping his balls off.

What is the back story behind "The Most Photographed Woman On the Planet"? If you don't mind revealing the secret, but who is the song about?

BJ: The song includes samples of Paris Hilton, and the title was inspired by a quote in an article concerning Gemma Ward. I’m not going to reveal too much because I’d rather the listener project their own meaning onto the song.

Who are the bands influences?

BJ: Type O Negative, HIM, Black Sabbath, Alice in Chains…Jack’s very into alternative and grunge and I’m more into electronic genres like trance, witch-house, synth pop etc. It’s ironic that we’re wedged into the ‘goth’ category so much, as the majority of our influences are straight-up metal and hard rock bands.

When did music become part of your motivation to want to become musicians?

BJ: When music’s all you live for it’s only natural that you attempt to make it your living.

Who's the writer of the songs?

BJ: It varies. There’s 8 tracks on our upcoming mini-album (Birthed By Wolves), and there’s a pretty even split concerning who writes the music. All the lyrics are written by yours truly.

You currently reside in the rural town of Northumberland, England. Do you two plan on venturing out of the small town scene and moving towards the metropolitan area to explore your music careers and possibly get some paying gigs, maybe release a full-length album?

BJ: We’re both from the same small town in Northumberland, but we’re now based in the Newcastle area. We’ll gig as soon as we’ve got a band together.

Do you have any other future plans for Blood Sugar Summer?

BJ: Unleashing the new record, recording the next one and fitting some gigs in. And world domination, naturally.

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