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From Aspiration to Materialization: Interview with Liv Kirby

Liv Kirby was born in Queensland, Australia and was brought up in Sydney and then in Melbourne.
Her first experience in the arts was when she was 12 years old when she started stage and film classes at the National Theatre in the heart of Melbourne.

From acting Liv then started exploring the world of dance and by the age of 15 she was dancing professionally with her crew at the time, Superhoodz. In 2011 Liv then moved on to be one of the orginial dancers in Addicted 2 Dance dance crew, also known as A2D. Having a very successful take off, by mid of 2011 Liv was one of 8 dancers selected from A2D to compete in Las Vegas and represent Australia.

In 2012 Liv recieved her Diplomia of Modeling and Business of Modeling from the Model Academy and since has been involved in many photoshoots as well as had the opporunity to walk for L'Oreal.

Interview with Liv Kirby:
In 2008, you moved from Australia to America to pursue your dreams of becoming an actress and model. From 2008 until now, what memory has stuck out in your mind the most?

Liv Kirby: I think my biggest memory was my first impression of L.A and N.Y. I seem to always go back to remembering how naive and how much of a dream it all seemed to be. It's still a dream now, but I've found out ways to make it a more realistic dream.

When I first got to L.A. I couldn't even believe people were talking in American accents, I had only heard it in movies before and it seriously felt like I had just stepped into a big movie. I'd walk past people on the street, Runyon Canon , Wholefoods, anywhere, and all I'd hear as I walked past them were “my agent called me”, “I have an audition tomorrow”, “I met the director”, “I have all these lines to learn”. I realized what the meant when they said everyone in L.A. wants to become an actor. But, naive Liv thought that everyone was important .I would listen to everyone and believe what they would say, only to find out later that people will just say something to impress you, or in hope you might know someone who knows someone who has a brother who could help them get a break in their career.

I found N.Y. to be very different, I was extremely intimidated by the city and I actually didn't get on the
subway until the 2nd time I visited and I felt like even though they have the easiest street/avenue coordination system, I was getting lost with ever corner I turned. Personally though, I felt like everyone there were there mostly for themselves, they weren't there to impress you, they were there to work hard for themselves and reach the goals they had in store. Of course, people in L.A. have the same state of mind and work ethic, I just think they express it differently, and they way New Yorker did, I fell in love with,

What inspired you to get into acting and modeling?
Liv Kirby: I began acting when I was 12, and what got me into that were films I had seen and child actors that I wanted to be like, I thought it was so cool that kids could be apart of such incredible films. So I signed up for acting for film classes and I loved it! Which was strange in a sense because I was the most painfully shy child, I swear I was boarder line mute sometimes, no exaggerations.
Then later on I got into stage acting after I was exposed to the world of musical theatre when I was 14, from there that's when everything change and I really said, “yeap, this is what I wanna do”.
Modeling was something I picked up after I graduated High School, I was actually going to different interviews in the city of Melbourne for agencies and I walked in this one place and the director of a modeling course they offered came up to me and said “You'd be great!”, she gave me all the information about the course and I found it all very interesting, whether I decided to continue modeling after that or not, the course offered a lot of good information such as how to stay healthy in the industry, how to take care of yourself mentally, how to work behind a camera, which would all help me with whatever I decided to do after the course.

With literally so much competition in New York, how do you find the motivation to continue with your dream of becoming a theatre actor?
Liv Kirby: Finding the motivation to continue fighting for your dream I believe is the breaking point of the actors who make it and the ones who tried to make it. To me, it is such a vital part of the process and personally there is no way I could wake up for auditions at early hours of the morning, wait in line, be one of the other 200 girls auditioning, then not be called back, try and fit in a class for the day and then go to work and do it all over again day after day without any sort of motivation.

Luckily for me I'm blessed to be living in New York City where I'm able to make motivation with
what's around me. Whenever I get to the point where I'm finding it hard to love each second of the classes I'm in without getting frustrated with myself. I'll save up the money and take advantage of the student discounts the city has to off
er and go see a Broadway show. When I see people singing and dancing on stage right in front of me and I'm only steps away from that stage, it really reminds me how much I want this dream of mine that is right before my eyes. It seems so close and honestly it really is. I could imagine that the years and years of hard work it took Broadway performers was all worth it for the moment of their debut on Broadway.

What makes you stand out from the rest? What are your strengths and what are your weakness?
Liv Kirby: My strength is acting and dance, I'm still learning how to integrate acting with singing as it's a struggle of mine to let go of the technique of singing and let it become second nature, I think that's because I haven't been singing for very long and it's all still very new to me. I've done a lot of straight plays so I've had much experience in that so I would say that would be my strongest point overall.
I've met the people who are very self centered and have a big ego, as much as I admire their confidence, it's not always presented in the nicest of ways. I like to be kind to everyone and help people out where I can and I hope that shows, even if it doesn't show right away, I'd like to start making a good reputation for myself for further down the line.

As a child, who was your idol actor/actress?
Liv Kirby: When I was younger I really wanted to be like Dakota Fanning because we were so close in age and she held so much talent, I really idolized her. I've grown up loving people like Jennifer Aniston, Nicole Kidman, Hilary Swank, Rosario Dawosn just to name a few. One of my major stage idols is Idina Menzel, since I first got into theatre I really admired her and her career and I strive to be the amazing performer she is.

Do you ever see yourself becoming a career model?
Liv Kirby: I could love to make a career out of modeling, I don't think that would stop me from also trying to pursue a career in the performing industry. I have such a big passion for performing and it's definitely not a dream I would give up on even if I had such an incredible opportunity as making a career out of modeling.

If you were to make a career as a model, what would your dream job be?
I'm obsessed with Victoria's Secret and I would LOVE to be a Victoria's Secret model. But, I came to the tough conclusion that I don't reach the height requirements and leg extensions are just too expensive and too much of a risk haha.

What would your dream role be if you could choose a theatre production to tour with?
Liv Kirby: I would love to be Elphaba in Wicked one day. Wicked was such a big influence on finding my passion for theatre that it would be so wonderful to give back to all that the show has given to me. Being a part of an original musical and being able to create your own role and touring would be amazing too! I hope to do that.

If you were selected to act in a major film and the Director said, "Go ahead and choose any male actor to be intimate on screen with and we'll get him for you," who would you choose to do those scenes with?
Liv Kirby: Haha, I have a big celebrity crush on Channing Tatum, I'm going to have to go with him.
If you were selected to act in a major film and the Director said, "Go ahead and choose any male actor to be intimate on screen with and we'll get him for you," who would you choose to do those scenes with?

One last question - What is in store for Liv Kirby?
Liv Kirby: I'm currently finishing up with my studies and graduating in early February and after that I'm going to get back to auditioning and see what happens from there. I'm planning to work hard and while I'm in school I want to absorb all the information I can so by the time I graduate I have a good understanding of my talents and the industry.

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