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Interview with Robert Marlow: Sex, Drugs, and Rock N Roll

Robert Marlow is a Scottish musician that has fused Rock, metal, punk, and garage rock into a sound that captures the energy and vitality of the great rock music of the sixties and seventies and makes it sound brand new. Great songwriters write about what they know and Robert Marlow knows about sex, drugs and rock n roll, wild times, and one night stands. The songs take you on a pulsating, sensual and erotic adrenaline filled ride in the red light district and sweaty smoke filled temples of rock n roll where bodies dance and twist in the half-light. Nothing is genteel or sensitive about this riff packed music that is delivered in the playpen of debauchery and decadence. Blistering micro-anthems embodying that basic Rock and Roll steamroller aesthetic . This is rock and roll!

Interview with Robert Marlow

Robert, great to have you on All Indie Magazine. So, let's talk about your music. I find that there's a lot of sexual innuendo with lots of half-naked women in each of your videos. You don't "beat around the bush", do you? Who directed the videos?

Robert Marlow: Actually I do beat around the bush, that is why I write about sexual relationships. Rock n Roll was originally a slang term used in the 1950s referring to sexual intercourse. I believe good rock music comes from the crotch and hopefully that's where people feel it when they listen to my music. I created all the videos. All the videos are my favorite because the video I work on at the time is my favorite video. Yes the videos are full of beautiful half naked women, that's because I would rather watch a pretty girl dancing than any musician performing their song.

What was your favorite music era? Let me guess - the 80s, the quintessential "Sex, Drugs, and Rock N' Roll era?

Robert Marlow: No, my favorite era is the 60s and 70s, you can't beat Led Zeppelin, the Rolling Stones, AC/DC and a host of other bands that are the bedrock of rock music. I also like the original blues musicians.

Is there any particular meaning behind the name "Robert Marlow and the High Priests"?

Robert Marlow: The High Priests are the name of the band and it has meanings on several levels. Rock music is my religion and I am the new High Priest of Rock n Roll. I am trying to bring rock music back to its glory days and we like to get High.

Who were your favorite artists and did they have an influence on your current music?

Robert Marlow: My main influences are Johnny Walker, Charles Bukowski, and Caligula, for obvious reasons.

If you could pick any artist from any time period, who would you want to perform with?

Robert Marlow: I would love to perform with Rihanna, just to see if I could shag her.

You're a Scottish musician, but you currently live in Sacramento? Have you ever performed in Scotland?

Robert Marlow:Yes I recorded the live album "Mad Bad and Dangerous" in my hometown of Glasgow Scotland. Here is a link to the album, please check it out.

If you were to pick one song to represent your sound, which one would it be?

Robert Marlow: I think my song "Everybody's Coming" is probably the best representation of my sound, you can listen to it on my live album also. You can see the video here.

What is in store for Robert Marlow in the near future?

Robert Marlow: Well Mikey, I am mixing several new songs and videos and a tour of Europe in the fall, then world domination.

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