Thursday, October 23, 2014

10 of the Best Indie Songs for Weddings

Written by Cormac Reynolds

Weddings have to be perfect. The need perfect colors, the
perfect people, and the perfect food. It has to have the perfect soundtrack. We’ve all seen the father-daughter dance to Butterfly Kisses, and we’ve seen rocking reception dances to Jackson Five and Queen. All fun to be sure, but how do you set the mood in a unique way? Below are ten of the best indie songs for a wedding.

1 – Home by Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros The chorus says it all. “Home is wherever I’m with you.” It’s upbeat and heartwarming, with pieces of a love story sprinkled between whistling and fantastically used trumpets.

2 – We Found Each Other in the Dark by City and Color

They hid the premise in the title. Nonetheless, it’s a great wedding song. It’s about choosing to live and have a great life together no matter the circumstances. Easy guitars and a smooth falsetto make it a good slow dance choice.

3 – Ho Hey by The Lumineers

This happy, energetic folk song proclaims what every wedding is about: “I belong with you, you belong with me, and you’re my sweetheart.” It doesn’t get more wedding appropriate than that. You’ll be the BEST DJ IN TOWN if you play it at a wedding.

4 – Angel by Ernie Halter

City and Colour
This song oozes with sweetness. Halter has a voice like velvet, and the instrumentals provide the
perfect background.

5 – Jackson by Johnny Cash – Original or cover version by Florence + Josh Homme

Admittedly, this doesn’t quite fall in the indie category if you have the original, but Florence Welch and Josh Homme bring a new twist to the classic. Modern voices over a classic bring some Cash class up to date.

6 – You’ve Really Got a Hold on Me cover by She and Him

Who doesn’t want a bit of Zooey Deschanel at their wedding? She and Him’s rendition of the Smokey Robinson song is an ode to holding the one you love, and very easy on the ears.

7 – Walking on a Dream by Empire of the Sun

This song is a blast. It channels just enough of a 80s electronic dance vibe to be fun, without being cheesy or annoying. A simple drum beat and tight instrumentals make this an easy choice for the reception dance floor.

8 – 5 Years’ Time by Noah and the Whale
Noah and the Whale

Easygoing and whimsical, this song will have everybody feeling good. Ukulele, pleasant harmonies, and a small taste of violin and flute add depth to this folk-flavored tune.

9 – Wonderful (The Way I Feel) – My Morning Jacket

Every wedding needs a nostalgic acoustic guitar singer-songwriter type song. A great voice and a great guitar part make this song perfect simplicity.

10 – I’ll Follow You by Jon McLaughlin

A piano based love ballad, this is sure to have all the parents and best friends getting a bit misty. The strings and McLaughlin’s raw voice will bring plenty of emotion to the ceremony.

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