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Interview with EgoMunk: Footsteps to Mars

EgoMunk is a talented artist who has uniquely decided to release all of his music for free, forever. In times where the music is dominated by industry restrictions and celebrity, egomunk has decided to keep his identity a secret, letting his album be enjoyed for the music not the face behind it. EgoMunk has just released his album - Footsteps to Mars - and will soon be releasing his second single, "The Patient".

A core aspect of the EgoMunk message is creative freedom and this thinking has spawned the Ego View element of the site. Playing an integral part in the EgoMunk creative jigsaw, Ego View allows audiences and contributors the chance to interact with the band through the EgoMunk website by producing and uploading a music video which they believe best fits with the creative vision of the music of any particular Footsteps to Mars album track. Interview with EgoMunk:

Thanks for coming on All Indie Magazine. So tell us how it all started. What or who motivated to become a music artist?

EgoMunk:Music has inspired me my entire life and I’ve always felt like I’ve had this soundtrack playing in my head. I’m not sure I can pin down one artist or moment that inspired me to write but I do know that the feeling of being moved by music is something that I’ve wanted to share with others. It’s the greatest feeling in the world to hear that someone has enjoyed your music that is what motives me the most.
I don’t believe there should be a machine dictating the order which we consume music which is the ethos behind which I have released my album, footsteps to Mars.’ There are no set ‘rules’ on the consumption of this album and I am releasing my music without any kind of label boundaries.

I noticed that you are giving away your music...indefinitely. What made you decide to do this?

EgoMunk: I’ve been a part of the music industry and felt suffocated by the restrictions and creative limitations put upon artists so decided to do something completely different with this album. By remaining anonymous and giving the album away for free I’m enabling fans to immerse themselves in my journey and enjoy the album as a whole. This is not something that I believe should be paid for as it’s giving away a little piece of me. We’re just about to hit 10,000 free downloads on the site which is something I’m really proud of.

For someone who's never heard your music, how would you describe your music?

EgoMunk: I’d like to say it’s an album for music lovers, people who aren’t afraid to take risks and who enjoy being taken on a journey with honest lyrics. You can’t pin the album to one genre which is the beauty of having creative freedom - you are not tied in to just create one sound. It’s the type of sound that keeps you guessing, each track is so different and can be listened to individually or together, as a whole.

If you were to compare yourself to another artist, what would you say?

EgoMunk: I couldn’t compare myself to another artist as each is an individual but, as with all music, there are elements of similarities – I’ve been told some tracks have hints of Coldplay and Blur whilst others could be compared to the sound of Bon Iver and Mogwai.

Your album 'Footsteps to Mars' has been summed up as mysterious and haunting. Which song do you think represents the entire album and which track means the most to you?

EgoMunk: I think ‘The Patient’ has the most depth to it. It is one of my personal favorites and has a real dynamic surge between the low and mysterious verse then the hauntingly uplifting chorus.

Another thing I noticed is you seem to be anonymous. This was obviously intentional. Care to go into more detail why you wanted to go this route?

EgoMunk: I want people to listen to the music purely for enjoyment and experience rather than the face that is behind it.

So, what is in store for EgoMunk in the near distant future?

EgoMunk: I am releasing my second official video for my single, The Patient on the 21st October. I have just finished hosting a competition called egomunk which gave creative fans the chance to create a video for any track on my album and the winners submission is actually being used as my next official video. There will be another competition running soon and I am also releasing some exclusive artwork that I’ve been working on. It’s an exciting time.

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  1. Brilliant interview, just about to check out the album.