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No Option but to Create: Interview with Pistol For Ringo

Named after a classic spaghetti western, and completely unrelated to the "Fab Four," (although if
Ringo wants to roll around town 'strapped,' we sure as hell aren't going to judge) Pistol for Ringo announces 2014 release, "Awkward Species."

The full length album will be available on iTunes, Amazon, CD and vinyl. Playing everywhere from hipster joints in the 213 area code to opening for an S&M show in Vegas (not joking), PfR's live shows are as unpredictable as their music. Just one of the many reasons they have endeared themselves to indie rock fans and the college music charts.

Featuring Los Angeles musicians, Brian Murphy, Shane Smith and Steve Arm along with Philadelphia based musicians, Ben Arnold and Matty Muir, Pistol for Ringo has grown into a real indie rock collective.

Interview with guitarist, Brian Murphy of Pistol For Ringo

Thanks for coming on All Indie Magazine. First of all, let's talk about the name of your band. The name was inspired by a 1965 spaghetti western film. How did you come up with the name Pistol For Ringo and why this movie?

PFR: Wow, nice research. You totally did your homework. Our original Aeronaut release was very cinematic sonically speaking. In 2001 we dug stuff like Air, Doves, Mogwai and Cursive in addition to indie stalwarts like Wilco and Built to Spill. An Italian classic film that also referred to a Beatle seemed to be rather fitting. In fact prior to that I was pushing for "As If We Care." We were afraid the irony might be lost on folks.

So, tell us about your sound. If you were to compare yourself to a band or bands, who would you sound like?

PFR: Like most artists, our sound is really reflective of the lives and experiences we encounter. Shane is an incredible producer / engineer so he adds a sonic complexity and depth; not to mention a passion for nuance. Ben and Matty have their roots in the Philly singer song writer world so there is an earnest quality that reflects that life and touring experience. Steve is the multi media guy so there is always whimsy and humor involved. As the guitarist and a native of Angeleno, I am constantly inspired by the beauty, the filth, the struggle and the transient nature of life here and life in general. It is all intertwined like out art. Though we sound nothing like them New Pornographers and Haunted Graffiti have similar elements.

How did the five of you meet?

PFR: Steve Arm is the conduit! He and I played in a few projects together. Same thing with Shane, those two did a recording project in Philly for about a year. Steve moved back to Los Angeles and Shane stayed longer, where he befriended Ben & Matty.

Who is the writer of the band and does everyone in the band contribute to the song lyrics?

PFR: Ben is handling the lion's share of the lyrics. He is a wordsmith who works constantly reveal new elements to the immediate connotation.

Pistol for Ringo has been around since 2003, so you've seen major changes in the music industry. How have you guys kept on going without giving up...or have you given up before?

PFR: Like the vast majority of your readers, we have no option but to create. We do it without the burden of expectation, because how can you ever really create when you are keeping one eye on some watermark or goal. We want the honor of people's ears and hopefully their hearts also. The best way we can secure that is by making music that elevates their experience on some finite level.

Do you think the industry is getting easier or harder?

PFR: As for the music business… it still seems that nepotism and clicks run the game. C'est la vie…

If you could share the stage with any major recording artist, past or present, who would you guys want to share the stage with?

PFR: Share the stage with, Hmm..anyone really kind enough to have us… I like high contrast, so maybe Black Bananas, Goat and Kool Keith?

What can fans expect to see from Pistol For Ringo within the next 6 months?

PFR: We just wrapped up a run of shows on the west coast, and are currently planning the east coast in the spring. We also shot a couple new videos soon to be released.

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