Monday, November 10, 2014

AIMA Season IV Submission Window is Closing and Awards Ceremony Update

The Final submission date to enter Season IV of the Artists In Music Awards is November 15, 2014 at Midnight. If you have not become a member and submitted, there is still plenty of time.

For more information and to find your category go to!vote/c60z

We have several categories in Music, Film, Poetry, Literature, Photography, and Theatre. If your category is not represented, please let us know. We may add it.

Behind the Scenes

If you have been apart of AIMA at all during the past 3 seasons, you may have noticed that we are doing less live shows during the year. Now that we are under the Siqueiros Foundation of the Arts, the Artists In Music Awards has scaled back on the monthly shows, but we are very much still active. We do plan on continuing the live show tradition in Season V and reintroducing the Summer Showcase and the Breakthrough Series.

As of today, we are behind the scenes hard at work and focusing on the final stages of obtaining our 501c3 charity organizational license. In the meantime, the Executive Board of Directors have been diligently attending Community events, shaking hands with State and City leaders by attending political events, and appearing at various Art & Music shows in and around Los Angeles as part of our awareness campaign.

Awards Ceremony

As of today, we are unable to reveal the official location of the Awards Ceremony, but we will very soon. The Awards Ceremony is still scheduled for Saturday, March 7, 2015 and it will be held in Los Angeles. Once we have the “go-ahead” we will send out a Press Release to make the HUGE announcement.

For the main event, we are doing something never done before - show full-length films, have live performances, and exhibit Art during a televised event. At the present moment, we are looking for Full-Length Films, Short films, and Documentary’s. As mentioned previously, we will have an exhibit area to showcase Artwork, so we are looking for Nominees from the Visual Arts arena. Of course, we are also looking for live music performers for the main stage to perform in between the trophy presentations. If you are a member and you have something unique to offer, please email us.

Once we make the location announcement, we will begin selling tickets to attend the main event.

FYI: Anyone can become a member. As a member, you can nominate yourself, a band, or any single artist, actor, etc. You are also welcome to nominate someone for Lifetime Achievement, Educator of the Year, etc. We simply ask that if you nominate someone for an award, your participant is aware they must be present during the awards ceremony as we have a strict attendance policy - We do not award absentees.

To join and submit, go to!submit

The final submission date is NOVEMBER 15, 2015.

Stay tuned for more information COMING SOON!

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