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Giving Artists a New Reach: Interview with Justyn Brodsky

Artist Reach is a company that offers Professional Artist Development & Elite Music Industry  Services while cutting out the middle man, "consultants", or people in the Business you potentially may be wasting money with. We are a direct source, and best of all, we are founded and operated by Professional Musicians--guaranteeing you top results based on our decades of hands-on experience on stage, and off stage; and our online presence demonstrates that our following grows daily, and sustains absolute loyalty among those that have connected/networked with it.

Interview with Justyn Brodsky of Artist Reach 

So, are you the founder and CEO of Artist Reach?

Justyn: I am. The company originally started in Spring 2013 under the name The Pact Music Society. But after successfully being offered a grant (along with the help of Digital Music News, Electric Kiwi, Sony, and the Agency Group), some development of new ideas, more crowdfunding, and an enormous response on our social media platforms...we became Artist Reach in Spring 2014 after investors exercised the idea of a name change.

Tell us how the company started. What made you decide you wanted to help artists?

Justyn: helping Artists is something I've always been prone to ever since becoming an Artist myself. God knows since music coming into my life at age 3 (I have pictures to prove this!), it's been quite the journey. I've watched the Music Business evolve, I've watched myself evolve with it, I've watched the trends and the genres go through their changes; I've always made sure to pay close attention to what's going on so I can not just keep up with the essence of times, but find my window to possibly get ahead of it somehow. Do something or acquire something in the industry that hasn't been touched on yet. Differentiation, if you will. You can always play it safe, do something that's already been done and do it well...but with Artist Reach and the audience I've built, I'm yearning to find that key factor of differentiation. Kinda like inventing, or reinventing. But helping Artists simply is something from the heart. I wanna inspire others the same way I was inspired.

What exactly do you do and why would an artist want you to represent them? 

Justyn: I operate, facilitate, and run the Company in all aspects ranging from the business side of things, consultation, teaching up to 5 instruments, and do whatever I can to make sure Artist Reach is always active and making new friends, colleagues, connections, etc. Why us? Because like said, we are dynamically run by professional musicians only. Currently there are 7 of us, myself included. Our experience in many music fields on high levels makes all the difference from your average Music Business "Network" or Music Lesson "Program". We lived and breathed the music fields for years, and continue to do so. We also personalize this experience and don't shy away from or "screen" Artists that wanna be involved because of lack of experience, knowledge of the industry, or heavy extensive touring. We have seen so many Artists start from the bottom and rise. That's why we don't discriminate. If the Artist's drive and work ethic is there along with the will to invest themselves into their career, that's where we can play the best role. Your Artist Development.

There are so many companies that claim to get artists exposure, but in the end, they seem to only take a lot of money with little results. What separates your company from all the other Artist Development companies?

Justyn: We charge our services based on the Artist's needs, their goals, and what they are striving to gain without emptying their wallets. We work with budgets and aren't afraid to show some results first before we charge someone a full quote. Our consultation is always free, and we utilize our skills and experiences combined with your needs and goals as an Artist. And I guess even though it's already been said, the biggest thing that makes us different is the fact that we are a company of professional musicians with elite skills in almost any industry field.

What has Artist Reach done? What are some of your success stories?

Justyn: We have successfully obtained grants from industry investors, 5 star reviews from many customers and affiliates, reviews and interviews on other popular music Zines and Websites, over 150,000 followers on Twitter, over 25,000 Facebook Likes, over 10,000 LinkedIn Connections, a great word-of-mouth following, and countless valuable connections and friendships.

I read your profile and it says that you work for Saturday Night Live. Are you still working for SNL and how is that experience?

Justyn: this is my 3rd season working in audio there. It's not year round, but the best thing about that is it looks great on the resume'. And you get to work with so much talent in the production stages. Unfortunately, I don't get to hang out with celebrities, but the staff and co-workers are some of the most genuine people I've ever met. I learn something new and make great memories every season I get to work in that studio. It's an amazing environment.

Since you are on the inside, have you ever tried to get your clients on the show and have you succeeded? How hard is it to get on these kinds of late night shows?

Justyn: Unfortunately I don't pull that kind of weight. But the advice I was given on many occasions is to make sure I give the producers a reason (or several) to keep them letting me come back to work on the next season. The longer you stay, the more you're looked at as family...and you never know what opportunities may come along! But so far, no one I've recommended or suggested has gotten on the show yet. But I'm always encouraged to submit new talent, and to keep discovering.

What are some of your future goals for Artist Reach and what can we expect in the coming months and years?

Justyn: Expect a very large Network of dedicated Artists with the strive to get to that next level with our help. I hope to open a bigger office, obtain more exclusive investment, and be able to do this full time where I can make this into a living, and have the position to provide a full schedule of services to any Artist looking for the best price for the best results.

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