Sunday, July 12, 2015

An interview with the CEO of Pro Photography Protection X

The top rated web company that has been number one for years now has extended their photography Pro Photography Protection X.
branch apart from their site to a new website dedicated to their photography section. Check out their new site at

An interview with the CEO of Pro Photography Protection X

What is the main purpose of the Pro Photo Protection X?

“Hi Jim and thank you for being in contact with me today. Our main goal is to eliminate image and content theft. So many photographers and writers try to make a career on the web ( which is very possible), but the part that they don’t hesitate about is who is behind that visitor ip. Web IP’s can be faked,online accounts can be faked, for 12 dollars you can get a phone in a European country with out your full name and registration. So what does this lead to? A person stealing your work online,selling it, manipulating it, and if you haven’t copyright your work a person may take the steps to copyright it before you do.

Do you think people really know the dangers behind the internet?

Most people again don’t know all the dangers of the internet. A simple spam bot ( that may have nothing against you) but might have picked up your domain from your hosting goes through the list and randomly crawls your image and posts it everywhere without your credit and you permission.

Can’t you contact the website owner and tell him to take it down?

Well, that is the number one thing that you should do,but the odds of them responding back to you are very very low since they are ones that do accept spam request they won’t have their identity listed either. Some companies may not have contact information and if you do get a hold of one person and start a lawsuit, the person reliable for posting the image up is Not the website which is hosting the image. This is because the website has a terms and conditions which will most likely explain the a new account user that they must use real information, their personal photos and unique content (not stolen or spun). So with that said this initially means that the website will give you that persons information such as : Name ( what ever name they placed on the website) and IP. So if this were to be a spambot that IP won’t be traceable an expired within days, which still means that you can’t blame anyone. The other fact is that spambots populate like crazy, so it would be nearly impossible to find and take down every single site as it is still being published on new ones.

What would you tell any photographer that has a website?

Honestly Jim, if you are dedicated,serious, and inspired by your own work its a shame to see someone else take it from you. We have been doing this for over 7 years now, we have helped photographers around the globe, and we are committed to helping each photographer that pays for our service individually.

So, Thank You to Pro Photography Protection for giving me that interview and now I'm directing to all the readers. I hope you received a little internet web theft lesson from the interview, I know I got educated on somethings myself.

Again to all the readers, this is hands down the best image and content protection you can get online. So you hear that folks they have removed the photography section on their main site to add a new website dedicate for photography.

Take a look now here:

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