Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Cue the Mike: Interview with Goodpace

Goodpace eclectic approach and high-octane performances borrow from the vast vernacular of
contemporary music, echoing artists as diverse as Uncle Kracker, Kid Rock, The Transplants, The Ramones or Yelawolf, just to mention a few.

His sound is all about connecting with listeners through a release of energy that breaks genre boundaries, uplifting melodies and a thought-provoking lyrical flow.

Interview with Mike of Goodpace

How did music start for you?

Mike: I wrote my first song when I was a freshmen in High School. I always had a passion to write.

You have a sound that is close to Uncle Kracker to Kid Rock. Are these the artists you grew up emulating?

Mike: No. I loved The Ramones, Pantera, and Beastie Boys.

Who else had an influence on you?

Mike: I loved old Van Halen with David Lee Roth, because there was so much energy and charisma in their music.

How did Hip Hop come to play and was it a major influence on your music?

Mike: Not a major influence, but it was easier to work with producers when I first started writing. You need less musicians when you do Hip Hop.

If you could perform with any major recording artist, who would you pick?

Mike: 20 years ago my first pick would have been 311, but right now it might be Zac Brown or a part of some sort of palooza.

What comes first for you, the music or the lyrics?

Mike: No real methodology…it’s the mood more than anything. I’ve been writing lyrics for years. Believe it or not I sorta wing it with the music. What is the song writing process for you? I start with my acoustic. I play until I find a groove I like…just a simple rhythm. Then I hum a melody and start piecing together the puzzle.

Tell us about the name Goodpace? How did you come up with that name?

Mike: I wanted to start a business a few years ago and while discussing with my dad he said “You have to find good people that can keep a good pace”. I named my business Goodpace. When I formed the corporation I changed the name of the business. I kept the name Goodpace as an artist name, because I owned it.

What is in store for Goodpace? What can fans expect from you in the coming year?

Mike: I released 35 songs in the past 40 days and I have 5 more songs on the table for this year. Most of my library is free to download on Amazon mp3 or easier to find on my website I have some much needed down coming in July and being an independent artist I have to go to work and make a living.

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