Sunday, July 19, 2015

The True Publicist of Today is Guerilla

In the entertainment industry, finding a publicist is about as difficult as finding a Starbucks in L.A.

Finding quality, however, can be challenging. There exists publicists who operate underground and much like The A-Team, they might work for you “if you can find them.”

Celebrities, politicians, designers and film-houses no longer wish to be associated with public promotional companies. The true publicist of today is guerilla, as rare as a unicorn and even harder to spot. He/She fills up social media with untraceable “feels” and weaves a web so intricate it’s impossible to see in the sun and whereby, carefully catches it’s prey.

Is it by accident I draw this analogy? You’ll say no when you meet Carly Hall, publicist to the stars. She is the new breed in an old industry and as cunning and as powerful as they come. Lately, it has been revealed, that she has moved into politics. Consider this your warning.

Through whatever arrangement, Hall appears to work only for those she chooses and loves, taking personally what others take professionally. I’ve been in contact with people I could swear had employed her only to discover that she had saddled up to them without explanation, furthering their career with her free endorsement.

She is beautiful and charming, a former model dulled only slightly by age. I’ve seen her, spoken to her, she is built strong and tall and speaks with amazing confidence. But I don’t admire her. She tells no one of her prowess, which I find unethical. She is a cliquish leader who does not reveal for whom she is working. On social media she saddles up like a friend and never once explains her connection to the industry, leaving friends as focus-groups.

In short, I question this new style. I question if it’s ethical for an employee to appear as a fan and friend. Is it right never to know that the girl on twitter is a seasoned insider with a long line of famous family, friends and lovers? Great if you are on the inside, but devastating for you if not.

Something to consider, as always.

M. Anderson

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