Friday, August 14, 2015

Single Release and Official Music Video for "XOXO" by MichaelStar Coming Soon!

MichaelStar (Michael Theo Johnson) is an R&B/Pop artist from Atlanta, GA who is making
major waves within the music scene!

MichaelStar is not only a Musician, but also an Actor, Dancer, Anti-Bullying Advocate and Entrepreneur! From winning the 2014 “Hot New Artist” Award at the Clean Music Movement Awards in Atlanta, to performing at various charity events around the City, MichaelStar is a singing sensation who definitely stays busy within the Community as well!

The MUSIC of MichaelStar is heavily influenced by his Father, Jamaican Reggae Artist, Mikey Spice, as well as well as the great Bobby Brown and Michael Jackson. This is one artist you want to to keep your eye on!

Interview with MichaelStar

So tell us your story. Where did you grow up? What made you decide to become an artist?

MichaelStar: I grew up in New York, born and raised, relocated to Georgia in 2001 with my mom. Growing up around my dad, who is an Artist/Musician/Singer, has influenced me from a young age to appreciate and love any form of music. I actually decided that performing and music was my passion at the age of 9yrs when I did my first musical called ‘Superstar Dreamz.’ I felt alive when I walked out onto that stage after my performance; the applause from the audience gave me life!

How did you come up with that name MichaelStar? What was your inspiration behind it?

MichaelStar: Actually, the Director of the musical mentioned, ‘Superstar Dreamz’, told me that I have the IT factor, and I’m a Star in the making. My name is Michael, so she put the two together and started calling me “Michaelstar.” Hence, the birth of MICHAELSTAR.

I see that you are an advocate for Anti-bullying. Please tell us your motivation behind this topic and why its a personal quest.

The MUSICAL was actually about bullying, being a part of such a production and story line made me aware of how much this takes place in schools, work places etc… I, however, have never experienced such a cruel act of ignorance but some of my peers have shared their stories with me. I decided that I wanted to help in any way possible to at least make someone who experienced this, feel loved and special. I’ve done a few appearances in schools to speak of this and will continue to do so in the future.

As an independent artist in the genre of R&B and Pop, what are the biggest struggles do you see as an artist coming up in Atlanta, GA?

MichaelStar: Well, I haven’t experienced any struggles, more disappointments than ever. The Atlanta scene is very saturated with mostly Rap artist, and I feel that R&B/Pop artist are overlooked. So many a times, it’s difficult to find shows or showcases that highlight the genre of music I’m in.

Do you tour at all? Has anything interesting happened on tour that you think our readers would enjoy hearing about?

MichaelStar: I’m yet to experience the TOUR LIFE, I am so very ready for that. When this journey begins (which will be very soon), I definitely would love to share my experience with you and everyone else.

What artists do you look up to and what particular songs do you like at the moment?

MichaelStar: I look up to artists such as Michael Jackson, Chris Brown, Mikey Spice, and Justin Bieber just to name a few. Wow, I actually have several songs, too many to list, my favorites are ‘Where Are you Now’ by Justin Bieber and “Five More Hours” by Chris Brown.

If you could perform anywhere and with any artist (Dead or Alive) who would it be with and why?

MichaelStar: If I could perform anywhere, with any artist (Dead or Alive) would have to be Chris Brown or Michael Jackson. The energy that they both bring to the stage reminds me of myself.

What do you like to do when you're not writing or preparing for a show?

MichaelStar: Well, I actually enjoy chilling with my friends; they are very inspirational (and much older than me) but have taught me a lot about this Music Industry. I also enjoy meeting people, listening to Reggae and trying to learn how to dance Reggae, one of the ways of keeping up with my Jamaican culture.

Where do you gather your inspiration to write songs? What is writing process for you?

MichaelStar: I gather my inspiration from everyday life, observing what some of my friends experience as related to relationships, and sometimes I would hear an awesome track and boom! A song comes to me immediately. So my writing process varies, depending on what’s going on in my life, current situation or just hearing the words in my head. Once I have my pen and paper, I’m happy.

What can fans expect in the coming months?

MichaelStar: My fans can expect my single and video release coming soon, also upcoming performances to promote my new single and to allow my fans to see who MICHAELSTAR is!

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