Sunday, August 16, 2015

Veronika Releases Most Anticipated Music Video "Camera" with Interview

Veronika has released her latest visuals to the most anticipated record "CAMERA". The concept
behind this masterpiece is its focus on current problems females face nationwide and globally everyday.

Veronika's music career began in 2012 through her strictly motivated decision to build up herself as a musician and as an artist. She came back to Ukraine and began her work as a musician in association with DJ and sound producer First Craft (Dmitriy Stefaniv) genius music writer who was spotted first ay the age of 14 by Sony label in Holland, and director Yevgeniy Timokhin who worked at that time with boys band KAZAKY featured artists in Madonna’s “Girl Gone Wild”; she met Timokhin through mutual friends during a casting for a TV reality show in Kiev in May 2012.

1. For those who don't know who Veronika is, tell us about yourself. How did you get into music and what brought you here to Los Angeles from the Ukraine?

  Veronika: I'm Ukrainian born but I've been living abroad since the age of 16. I consider my homelands U.S. and Israel, those countries gave me freedom, knowledge, inspiration and a chance to reach my dreams and build a better life for me and my child. From Ukraine I have bad memories, it's a country without law, where women and human right mean nothing, where corruption rules the country. It's real jungle without a real law without real government everything is fake. But people are warm and simple. I'm very sorry that a country with such good potential became a criminal corrupted neglected state. I started to do music cause I felt this cray unstoppable power of international language of communication, any message can be delivered through music good or bad, but it definitely can be heard. I made my solo project in 2012, I performed for the first time in NY in Queens in a night club on a showcase organized by DeffJems it was a rap event and I performed with my Ain't Russian Doll song. After that I moved to LA as I consider it a capital of music of the world. In any case I've chosen US as country for residence for me and my son David who is now 4 years old and who is kept in Ukraine as a prisoner from November 2014 by my ex boyfriend who was following and threatening me for years, even here in LA. Due to corrupted legislative system in Ukraine, financial power and connections of this man he succeded to take my baby from Los Angeles to Ukraine. At the moment I have international lawyers and organizations involved in order to release my son from Ukraine and bring him back to the U.S. I already established good connections with numerous of women organizations in Los Angeles and even with senator Barbara Boxer in order to solve this situation and help other women overcome domestic violence and keep the fight on for their rights and freedoms.

 How would you describe your sound?

Veronika: I do electronic music, my 2 favorite types of genres:
* electronic dance music: energizing dance house with elements of dub step and hip hop
  * dark a bit melancholic music with cinematic sounds, orchestral instruments, different weird sounds which I associate with city, fashion, movies. So my sound is electronic dance and electronic cinematic, my record producer described my sound as electronic reality music

  What is your song "Camera" about?

 I wrote Camera as a manifestation of freedom of expression, desire to be loved and to be seen and to be accepted i the way I am, to show to other person a world through my eyes, my world as I see and feel it.

   A lot of my songs are dedicated to women’s rights and freedom of expression, cause from my own experience in ex-USSR countries these rights are not really supported by law or local customs, women’s right are often ignored and suppressed due to inherent historical and traditional exercise of rights by women in favor of men.

 The music video is amazing. What was the concept behind the video and did you collaborate with the director, Yevgeniy Timokhin?

Veronika: Yevgeniy was inspired by idea of the song Camera his concept is showing war/ love story through camera lens. He was inspired by this cinematic stylr of a song, by its subject and by high fashion photography images, very dark and sophisticated, that's his style he loves to show perfection of human body I experienced so much in my life already good and bad so I wanted to express all what I feel inside about subject of freedom between people, freedom of expression, religious freedom, fight for women rights and peace, unconditional love. From my side visually I added a screaming social message as much as I could in terms of this video.

 What do you hope to accomplish thru your music?

Veronika: I want to make a change, I want to live in a better more peaceful and safe environment, where human rights are protected and respected, where women and children are protected. I want to live free without fear for my and my baby's future.I want to create beautiful music with honest and sincere message which will touch hearts and souls of people around the world

 So, what is in the immediate future for Veronika, a tour, music video, a song in an upcoming film perhaps?

Veronika: Music video release and it's promotion, I want it to be watched by millions, I want to know peoples' and specially women's opinion about this subject

  I'm finishing production of my first EP, it will be released in September

Than I wan to sign with label cause at the moment I'm independently preparing all my music project for release, I want to start performing much more often and to release my first album.

  During those months I want to succeed to bring my child back from Ukraine and to become active social activist for women's and children's rights on a bigger scale than I am right now, I want to help other women who appeared to be in such situations as I

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