Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Glass Canons: Interview with Kilynn Weber

Glass Canons break the Alternative Rock Dallas model to form an acoustic duo experience rooted
and reminiscent of Modern Folk and Americana and is meant to break the barriers between the music and the listener.

Formed in 2015, Glass Canons has evolved its sound from the typical band mold expected of Dallas, Texas musicians into something raw and new, blending dynamic percussion, cello, violin and the accordion with deep, emotional storytelling reminiscent of the troubadours of the past.

The band composed of vocalist / guitarist Kilynn Weber and percussionist Gabriel Guerra both previously from the group Thorn Blind were best known for the songs 'Hating the Night' and 'True North'. This duo grew up and is influenced by a variety of influences including The Clash, Deep Purple, Violent Femmes, Pink Floyd, Nine Inch Nails, Johnny Cash, The Doors and Bob Dylan.

In the song “Glenvil”, the song starts off about a young love that fell apart. Instead of that being the end of the story, "Glenvil" finds how the love was just too soon and that the passion can be ignited again in the future. A message of hope in lost love.

The aspect of personal sacrifice in Glass Canons’ name shows in Kilynn’s struggle to make the music what it is now. Struggling against what people expected his band to be, Kilynn found himself with the band fully broken up after 3 years of work. What would have destroyed most bands invigorated Kilynn to self-record every instrument for the song “Hating the Night”.

After successfully emerging from this recording and having “Hating the Night” be a finalist for the New York Jets commercial season, Kilynn grabbed his acoustic guitar and found inspiration playing music from the troubadours of the past. That’s when it clicked what the band should be. Something raw was needed, something to connect the music directly with the listener. Where most modern music uses technology to twist every natural element out of the song, Glass Canons seeks to remove that barrier from the listener. Glass Canons moved from a typical alternative rock band to something more acoustic, layered, and genuine. Always pushing the barriers of modern music and genre categorization, Glass Canons has loaded the cannons and is aiming for like-minded music lovers.

With that passion and vision in place, Kilynn has brought together an unconventional duo adding guest musicians where necessary to complete the sound. Gabriel Guerra adds an unconventional mix of percussion to the sound.

Glass Canons is not another alternative rock band. Glass Canons is too complex to be folk or Americana. Glass Canons is something new, combining the best of both.

Interview with Kilynn Weber:

Kilynn: You have a sound that is a cross between Rock and Punk. What artists within these genres had an influence on you?

Kilynn: I grew up on the Violent Femmes, Nine Inch Nails, The Clash, The Doors and Pink Floyd. I think their influence has carried through and can be heard in our style.

How did Americana come to play and was it a major influence on your music?

Kilynn: When the band made a conscious decision to use more acoustic instrumentation and look for opportunities to make creative music without electronics we were drawn to Folk and Americana greats. Bob Dylan and other troubadours like him really set the theme. Write a story, not just a hook and then compliment it with instrumentation that will capture the listener.

If you could perform with any major recording artist, who would you pick?

Kilynn: Wow, there are so many. I really respect the individuality and spontaneity of Jack White. I think performing with him would be a great opportunity to learn.

What comes first for you, the music or the lyrics?

Kilynn: My band calls it the ‘lightning strike’, usually I write the music first, arrange the song then add lyrics but it’s usually very fluid. I go into the song knowing what I want to write about and probably have a lyrical melody in mind.

Tell us about the name Glass Canons? How did you come up with that name?

Kilynn: You want us to give up all of our secrets now. Glass Canons really speaks to our music. We wanted to be more ‘honest’ or ‘transparent’ regarding how we made music, like glass and canons is musical play on words.

What is in store for Glass Canons? What can fans expect from you in the coming year?

Kilynn: We’ve got an album worth of demos at this point. Next, we’ll be going into the studio and putting those down. We’ve got some opportunities to play in some major Texas music festivals so fans can keep an eye out for us at those.

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