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Strictly Taboo: A transgender love story

By way of introduction, he is Bob McAndrew - a writer/director/acting teacher. McAndrew had a
long and successful career as a screenwriter, director, and acting teacher. Many of his former students, such as Christopher Walken, Richard Dreyfuss and Chris Cooper, are Academy Award winners. I wrote the first draft of "Strictly Taboo" almost 30 years ago.

At that time there was absolutely no interest in the subject and McAndrew was unable to convince producers that a film with a transgender love interest was a viable movie project. Thankfully, times have changed for McAndrew ("Orange is the New Black", "Transparent", "Becoming Us" and others are on TV. The Supreme Court has affirmed the rights of the LGBT community to marry. Caitlyn Jenner came out and that has opened a big door!) This is the right moment for a transgender love story. "Strictly Taboo" has the potential to reach a worldwide audience.

In the spirit of building a community and bringing fresh voices to the screen Bob McAndrew asking for your help to create this film from the ground up. McAndrew believes in the power of this film. He believes it will foster tolerance and understanding for individuals in the LGBT community all over the world.

"Strictly Taboo" is a  story of the heart. The central character, Rob must transcend his "All-American Boy" conditioning and accept Kelly, a transgender woman, for who she is. Acceptance is the key here. It's a lesson that all of us must learn.

Interview with Bob McAndrew:

So, tell us about your new project Strictly Taboo? What is the premise behind the film?

Bob: The premise behind the film deals with the conflict in the human heart. Reason tells our focal character to run, to get away as fast as he can and to abandon this love relationship. It is against everything that he has been taught, against his beliefs. And yet his heart will not let him run away because he’s found the love that he’s been always looking for. It is an unusual love story.

You worked with some of the biggest names in Hollywood. What was it like knowing your students went on the become major stars?

Bob: Watching these actors fulfill their destiny and knowing that I was part of it has given me great satisfaction, joy and happiness.

Have you wanted to put out this story 30 years ago?

Bob: I wrote the first draft of Strictly Taboo about thirty years ago. At the time, producers in Hollywood thought that there would be no audience for a transgender character. Luckily, times have changed and it is the perfect moment to make this film.

For the most part, transgenders have been known and accepted in society for many decades. What made you decide to create this film now?

Bob: What you are saying is true but I think now there will be a wider audience- possibility to go mainstream and enjoy a worldwide audience.

Bob: She is an absolute outstanding individual. It takes a lot of courage to accept who you truly are. It takes even more courage to let people know who you truly are.

Is Strictly Taboo your first film project? What other film projects have you worked on?

Bob: I have worked on numerous film projects. Attached at the end of this interview is my film resume (see below).

When do you expect to start filming this project? What exactly is it you are asking from people all over and from the LGBT community to do?

Bob: We intend to shoot the film next summer (2016). What we are asking from the LGBT community is their support both financially- on our crowdfunding campaign- and emotionally- on social media platforms. Without the support of the LGBT community, it is impossible for us to make this incredible movie.

Find more of Bob McAndrew:
IndieGoGo Fundraising Campaign


FILM –Writing Credits
SHADOW MAGIC, Sony Picture Release
- Winner of the Taiwan Film Festival

 - Golden Horse Award for Screenwriting 

- Winner of The Golden Rooster (China’s Academy Award) 

FIFTH STREET directed by Bob McAndrew 

- Gold Medal at the Atlanta Film Festival

 - Best Documentary at the Vancouver Film Festival

 - “The worthiest of short films to come along in ages,” Charles Champlin (L.A. Times)

 - “Will enjoy perpetuity as one of the best films about the rock bottom of an affluent society, John 
(Hollywood Reporter) 
THEATRE – Directing Credits 
THE BASIC TRAINING OF PAVLO HUMMEL by David Rabe, Produced by Jon Voight, Inner City Cultural Center, l.A. 

- “Bob has done a skillfully, surefooted job of directing a supremely complex and difficult play” Sylvia Drake, L.A. Times
SENIOR PROM by Robert Mearns, Offramp Theatre, L.A. .
- Starring Cynthia Geary (Northern Exposure) & Jon Lindstrom (General Hospital) 

- Winner of Drama Logue Award for Directing 

- “Tender, endearing and witty play. Both actors shine under Bob McAndrew’s direction,” Variety 
NOW DEPARTING by Robert Mearns, Offramp Theatre, L.A.. 

- Winner of Drama Logue Award for Directing
SORROWS OF STEVEN by Peter Parnell, Rose Theatre, Venice
- “Delightful, sharp, astute direction by Bob McAndrew,” Variety
THE LOVER by Harold Pinter, La Brea Theatre, L.A. .
- “Bob McAndrew and his cast had great love for this play and the production was superb” Tony
Laurence, Hollywood Reporter
LUNCHTIME by Leonard Melfi
- Starring Sela Ward (CSI: NY) Bob McAndrew Studio, NYC

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  1. Thanks for the signal boost on "Strictly Taboo"--it is a great project that I believe in firmly!

    -Galway McCullough
    Associate Producer
    Stunt Coordinator
    1st actor cast in Strictly Taboo