Friday, October 2, 2015

"Love: The Fifth Season" Interview with Phillips

Often compared to Grammy-award winning artist Enya, Phillip's music embodies a new sound for a
more complex music listening audience. Combining multi-layered vocals, rich instrumentation, and modern choral motifs, his music appeals to a wide variety of listeners, and has been heard the world over.

All vocals and instruments heard in the songs are performed by Phillip himself. The use of a complex system of texturing prevents any dullness of sound, and enables multiple melodies to be produced simultaneously. Phillip mixes and produces his own work, and enjoys the amount of control he has over the final product of sound.

After being classically trained as a pianist and graduating high school at 16, Phillip devoted considerable amounts of time to researching and learning various sound synthesis methods, including MIDI, sampling, and hard disk recording. Starting off in a digital-only format, Phillip quickly outgrew his first computer setups and was able to expand both his knowledge and his equipment as his abilities to manipulate and produce layered music advanced.

After studying music and linguistics in the American capital of Washington, D.C. (Phillip speaks five languages), Phillip was fortunate to engage in several soundtrack projects in the capital area, as well as further afield in New York and Los Angeles. It was felt that his music lent itself easily to visual interpretation, and this initial soundtrack work eventually led to a demonstration album, "Call From the West" in 2004. He later completed a B.A. in Humanities and an M.A. in English Literature with a focus on Composition.

The new album, "Love: The Fifth Season" is a three CD box set that includes 30 new tracks ranging from pop/rock and dream pop to electronica and classical celtic. It is set for release on November 3, 2015, just two days before Phillip's birthday.

Interview with Phillips:

When did you start creating music?

Phillip: When I was about 12. I started piano at 4 and was classically trained my entire youth. I became interested in the way it was possible to layer voices and sampled instruments and the amount of control that gave me over the final sound.

What inspires you to create music?

Phillip: Just about anything. Emotions, mostly. Music is very therapeutic for me and I think that comes across in this new album collection.

Tell us about “Love: The Fifth Season”?

Phillip: This was a collaborative project with a writer named Phillip Callaghan (yes, two Phillips) who was a fan of my music and was working on a collection of poetry. We teamed up together as he releases a book, I am releasing an album. The album focuses obviously on the heart and theories of relationships between people, with nature, and different concepts of love.

If you could pick an artist to share the stage with (living or dead), who would it be?

Phillip: I of course have to say Enya, as she has been an inspiration to me since I was a child. I think her influence is quite strong in my music, but I also listen to classical music, pop music, and Christian music. I think all of that kind of melds together in my work.

Do you have any other passions other then music?

Phillip: I hold two degrees in English literature and teach composition studies at the college level. I live sort of a double life! I try to keep the two apart but they are increasingly encroaching upon one another.

What is next for Phillips?

We’ll be doing promotions for the album through the release date of November 3rd, and more promotions after that. We’re looking at how the music could be adapted to live performance for a possible one-off concert or short tour, if it’s feasible.

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