Friday, October 30, 2015

Many Songwriters Will Be Upset After Reading This!

Chris Erhardt, Head of Production and CEO of one of the most successful online music production companies recently published an article explaining about why the majority of songwriters and other musicians fail to reach their goal of becoming professional.

Many writers, composers and singers blame their failure on the industry itself but, according to Chris, this is not necessarily the reason for not reaching the elite of musicians. In many cases the fault is with the individual rather than the industry. “You'll have to train, learn, and work harder and for longer than the other guys and gals trying to reach the same goal.” Chris states in his article saying that this is the case with any highly competitive career choice.
He continues: “ long does it take for a Doctor to become a Doctor? How much investment does it take for a Doctor to become a Doctor? The answers to those two questions are: Very long, and a lot. If you're spending less time and investing less resources into your songwriting career, you can't blame anyone else but yourself for not having made it.“
Making it in the music industry is a tough quest, but not an impossible one. Many career choices are hard to reach and only the ones outperforming the competition actually make it. Without doubt, the music industry, just like any other industry has its ups and downs but that does not mean the professional musician disappears. Music creators in today's age have to adapt in order to make a living with their art. If it was easy, everyone would do it.
Chris concludes: “...there is lots of free songwriting advice online and producing a professional song doesn't have to cost more than a few hundred dollars today, contrary to going to med school which sets you back a whole lot more in terms of money investment.”
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