Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Nowhere to Run: Interivew with The Polaris

The four piece alt-rock band hails from Coventry in the UK. What began as four friends getting
together to play some tunes resulted in a solid lineup of musicians who are able to use their own experiences and emotions to write songs that come together perfectly. The Polaris style is a seemingly larger than life anthemic sound comprised of solid grooves fronted with ear catching melodies. It is not easy to capture emotions on a record without somehow seeming fake but these guys have done it. 

Interview with The Polaris:

Where are the four of you from?

The Polaris: We are a Coventry Band, Midlands UK. We all live here and originally born here except for Stew who is from Lancaster.

Tell us about the name. How did you guys come up with the name "The Polaris"? It has nothing to do with that weird looking sports car, does it?

The Polaris: Haha no nothing to do with the sports car or the old nuclear submarine which is sometimes asked, but it’s the name of the North Star. Stew and Dan had come out of a pub a little drunk and being all philosophical Stew mentioned he knew a little about Stars and named the North star ‘The Polaris’ and they both said that would be a good band Name, and that stuck. Though we sometimes think Stew planned it as he is Northern and wants to be a star.

Influences. What influenced you guys to get into music and who are your favorite artists?

The Polaris: Anything with guitars is a winner! But individually we are all so different in what we separately listen to, Ewan is a metal head, Gaz… well were not really sure, but if its weird and arty, then that’s him. Dan is kind of Chart ‘Rock’ and Stew is pretty much into anything from Cheese Pop, to Classical to Punk, with some Michael Jackson thrown in.

If you could perform with any artist (living or dead), who would you share the stage with?

The Polaris: A tough one, but because this band got us started in a strange way. It would have to be Flickerstick. Stew actually has the artwork from Welcome Home the Astronauts album tattooed on his wrist. But it was watching the TV show Bands On The Run that got Stew wanting to play in a band and discuss it with Dan. So it would be them.

What is your latest single and tell us about the song. What was the inspiration behind the song?

The Polaris: Our next single to be out later this year will be ‘Hey Hey’ and it’s a song about basically being played by a girl. Being led on and making the mistake to believe her again and again. Stew is unlucky in love, makes good emotional writing from it though.

What do you guys enjoy doing when you're not writing music and performing?

The Polaris: Well Three of us Stew, Dan and Ewan are actually into Ice Hockey and work with the local Team In Coventry – Coventry Blaze. Strangely enough Stew and Ewan do the Music for it. Apart from that it’s the usual work life balance and getting together to Play HALO on the XBOX

Most people have different tastes in food, but what is it that you can all agree to eat together?

The Polaris: Easy! Pizza – Nothing Fancy, some form of meat pizza is all good for us.

You've been performing a lot around your region of the world. What is the plan for the rest of 2015 and looking forward into 2016 for The Polaris?

The Polaris: We are ending this year with another short tour hitting Birmingham and London and then a Christmas one back home in Coventry for the release of the Single and then we finish our EP for release in early 2016

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