Thursday, October 29, 2015

Patricia May Launches special Children's book series: Seashell Meditation for Children


An innovative ten-part book collection has been published. The books offer an exciting way to introduce meditation to young children in the form of short story rhymes and using a seashell as a tool for focus.

United States - October 19 2015 - A​fter attending a davidji seminar in Denver, Colorado back in April, Patricia May and her family discussed the meditation that had taken place. With her daughters input and her husband’s idea to have their grandchildren meditate while listening to seashells, Patricia’s ideas started flowing. On October 12 2015, Patricia May’s ten-book collection entitled “A Seashell Meditation for Children” was launched.

“M​y grandchildren were a big inspiration in the creation of these books.​” explains Patricia May. “I​knew that with the fast pace in our world today, even taking 5 or 10 minutes of quiet time per day would have a huge affect on a child’s busy mind. These books make quiet time fun, get the children to use their imagination and find their inner peace. There are so many benefits to gain and absolutely nothing to lose.”​ A Seashell Mediation for Children offers a new and exciting way to introduce meditation to young children in the form of short story rhymes, using a seashell as a tool for concentration and focus. While the child holds the shell up to their ear, the story is read aloud to them in a form of meditation.

During this time, the child can concentrate, use their imagination, relax and enjoy the experience all while hearing a fun-filled story. The books are designed to appeal both the listener and reader as they are interactive for both parties. The reader can scan a QR code on the back cover of the book with their smartphone or device that will then play background sounds while the story is read aloud. This sets the meditation mood and is a helpful way to get everyone to relax. Readers and listeners will both experience a brand new beginners meditation method and will walk away feeling refreshed and happy.

The most important aspect of the books are the beginning and end, where the child is encouraged to relax, hold the shell to their ear and practice their breathing techniques. Each of the ten books offers the same seashell meditation techniques but all have a different adventurous story to tell. The more a child participates in the meditations, the more creative they will become. The purpose behind the books is to have children everywhere learn meditation techniques, practice them daily and become more self-aware, confident and happy. The A Seashell Meditation for Children collection consists of ten titles; Pathways, The Stream, Playmates, The Enchanted Forest, The Secret Garden, Moon Walk, The Beanstalk, Birds of a Feather, Day at the Zoo and The Seaside. Each book is available for purchase directly off of the Seashell Meditation website.

A Seashell Meditation for Children
About the Author
Patricia May is the author of the ten-book collection, A Seashell Meditation for Children. She obtained her teacher’s meditation certification at the Spiritual Center for Positive Living in Cameron Park, CA. She loves to share her love for meditation with children everywhere, using the seashell technique. Patricia lives in the foothills of Amador County, CA with her husband Dave and their poodles.


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