Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Distructive Hearts: Interview with Jessie Lawrence

Born and raised in Newark NJ, Jessie began to show enthusiasm for musical entertainment at a early
age. By 13 Jessie discovered he could sing. He attended the critically-famed ARTS HIGH SCHOOL in Newark. 2006 - 2008 Jessie was signed to Warner Bros. Rec. Today he has signed with Atwork Entertainment (James Germany) and can be found arranging and perfecting his album in the studio.

Interview with Jessie Lawrence

You've got some new hits out. Tell us about your new project called, Distructive Hearts. What are you most proud of about this EP?

Jessie: The Thing that i am most proud of with this EP is that it's genuinely the type of music i like to sing

Tell us about your new single off the EP, called "Further from Me"? What is this song about?

Jessie: The song is basically about the reversal of emotions, where the guys admits that he;s the bad guy in the relationship and underserving of the relationship

What is your inspiration to write and make music?

Jessie: My inspiration to create music and art is everything honestly. I love love. I love making people feel good through song.

What music artists do you look up to and emulate?

Jessie: Well there are a lot of artist that inspire me, too many to name if i had to pick the top 2 i would say James Brown and Michael Jackson and as far as emulating artist these would also be the 2 because they where dancers and performers and so am I.

You started early in your life to become a recording artist. What was that moment that made you decide you wanted to pursue music?

Jessie: I was in a talent show in Elizabeth, New Jersey when i was about 13 and i performed a song by Craig David. The song went over really well, I won the competition and was hooked ever since….lol

I had to bring it up. You appeared on American Idol and you were featured on MTV? How were those experiences and would you do it again? What would you do differently if you had a second chance?

Jessie: To be quite honest it was a blessing even without winning because idol and MTV prepared me to face higher levels of stress while getting ready to perform live…and that's the best lesson i could have learned on this journey. And NO i wouldn't change a thing about my appearance on the shows because what was meant to happen happened and now I'm making new pathways to continue my journey.

More than fame, what is it that you really want as a recording artist?

Jessie: Realistically, I want to be able to make a great and profitable living off my calling and be able to positively influence my younger fans and make people happy when they hear my music…Thats the icing on the cake for me.

What do you have planned for the rest of year and beyond?

Jessie: Well right now we are in the midst of taping a new television show on Fox 5 called "Star of The Day" Hosted by Ernie Anastos and other celebrity guest judges. along with gigs in and out of state. Also working on my soon to be released EP Destructive Hearts.

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