Friday, November 20, 2015

Sydney Australia's Chemical Refugee

"Chemical Refugee" are the badass street rockers from the red light district of Sydney Australia, bringing Rock N Roll into the 21st Century. Their destructively raw attitude and unwillingness to compromise sets Chemical Refugee apart as a band that make sense in a time that doesn't.

Doc McIntosh (singer/guitarist) howls with haunting honesty, inviting the listener through a multi-sensory, halusingenic-atmosphere provided by Purpz Graaf (Keys). Chemical Refugee bring the sounds of the streets alive, delivering an audio Kick powerful enough for inception.

Lock up your daughters, It's time to party!

Interview with Chemical Refugee

Who is Chemical Refugee and how did you guys meet and how did you guys decide to become a band?

-Purpz: it was a real life changing Idea and once the elements of the band began there was no looking back. We just had to go with the plan because we knew it would not only work and be Fuckrad, we also knew we formulated something we couldn't hide from the public!

How did you come up with the name Chemical Refugee?

-Doc: it came to us in a state of quarter consciousness, deriving refugee from refugee.

Let's talk about your single "Therapy Song". You recently released a music video for this track as well. Can you tell us about the song and the video? Who directed the video and what was the premise behind the video?

-Doc: There is nothing wrong with being whoever the hell you are, no matter who says otherwise. We did the video ourselves, we wanted it to have that streetrock, do it yourself vibe that meant we just had to do it ourselves.

What bands / artists do you look up to for inspiration?
-Purpz: the Pepps, system of a down, led zeplin, guns n roses, the Beatles
-Doc: and also artists like Marcel Duchamp and Ron English.

Living or dead, if you could share the stage with any band / artist, who would it be? 

-Purpz: The chili peppers for their fuckwild energy and rockin entertainment.

What is the plan for Chemical Refugee? You released your first single already. How soon before you guys release a full EP? What else is in store for you guys?

-Purpz: we are releasing more singles, releasing the album song by song. Fuckrad!

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