Friday, December 4, 2015

Festival director Tim Tiernan is announced as Essex-TV Ops Director

A British film festival director has been announced as the Operations Director of new local channel Essex-TV. Tim Tiernan who heads up Hyperdrive Film Festival a sci-fi festival will head up logistics and technical operations for the all new channel.

A source close to the channel has already applauded Tiernan saying ‘His experience and expertise has already proved useful in the development stages’. The Sussex based IT Executive & Film Festival director becomes the first appointment of the new channel whilst hot roles of Creative Director and Chief Executive are still yet to be announced.

Essex TV will be an IPTV channel with a mixed programming of factual reality, documentaries, films, TV series, sports and business shows that will all aim to draw in a diverse viewership whilst providing original and acclaimed entertainment for the viewers.

Essex TV is on a mission to make exciting, fresh and innovative TV for people all over the world, Want to be a part of this?

Essex TV plans to offer content to everyone from all walks of life and we can’t do it without your assistance. Whatever your speciality may be we would like to work with you to make Essex TV offer cutting edge exciting content that will be enjoyed by many around the world.

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