Sunday, January 17, 2016

Kaleidoscope: Interview with Marcela Del Sol

Marcela Del Sol is an Australian writer born in Chile who will soon launch “Kaleidoscope” a book that tells fictional stories of a powerful woman who lives with PTSD and Dissociative Identity Disorder and it portrays the ordeal that living with multiple alters can be. Kaleidoscope is based on Marcela’s experience co-existing with these disorders and it was written with the intention of gaining a greater community understanding about people living with mental disorders and to eradicate the stigma attached to these conditions.

Marcela also has studies in Justice and dramatic arts and works with children at risk and indie artists in Chile. She is a proud mother and dedicates her life to writing, social activism and philanthropy.

Kaleidoscope is expected to be out in March and it will be available in hardcover and digital formats.

Interview with Marcela Del Sol

Tell us about yourself. What or who motivated you to write?

Marcela: Wow! That’s a big question. I write as a way to free my soul, to communicate with the world and with myself. I started writing when I was a very young child and have not stopped since then. I guess you can say it was my response to an innate need for creating; my exorcism and communication tool.

In your book, Kaleidoscope, their are stories about different women experiencing PTSD and Dissociative Identity Disorder. This is an interesting concept. Although this is written as a fictional story, is there something personal about this book that hits home for you?

Marcela: Kaleidoscope was written as a need to express my experience with PTSD and DID, the latter being a condition that is, still nowadays, very misunderstood. The stories in Kaleidoscope are fictional but depicts the process of dissociation as it happens to me. It was so important to me to be able to tell the difficulty that living with this disorder conveys, not only for me but also thinking of all those other people like me who are too embarrassed or scared to be open. It is time to stop stigma and advance towards education and inclusion, as much as possible.

Is this your first publication? If so, why did you decide to release it independently?

Marcela: It is my first publication for me, as I have ghosted/shadowed other work before. I decided to go indie as I am a big supporter of indie arts and needed to launch Kaleidoscope under my own terms and timeframes.

Kaleidoscope is due out this March. Where can we find your book once its for sale?

Marcela: You will be able to find it in its digital version in a number of outlets, such as Amazon, Google eBooks, about 2000 global outlets and both hardcover and eBook through my publisher. All the details will be promptly available once it is closer to the launch date. I will definitely let you know once it is ready!

Any plans on a book tour?

Marcela: Absolutely! My wonderful publicist is working on this so I can’t really release specifics at the moment. We also intend to reach the Chilean community as this is where I was born.
I would love to visit as many places as possible, informing the community about mental health and the power of creativity. I welcome all appropriate invitations.

What's on the horizon for Marcela Del Sol? Are you currently working on a new project?

Marcela: I’m working on a poetry book at the moment. I am also about to go to Chile and implement my social projects further where we help kids at risk and indie artists to connect with and help each other.
We can all contribute to improve this world’s conditions so I decided to do my part!



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