Monday, January 4, 2016

Ronald Destra announce the release of his fourth children book, Tommy the Giraffe

For Immediate Release

Contact: Juanita & Ronald

Company Name: Destra World Books Publishing

Address: 14311 Biscayne Blvd, Suite 4113, N.Miami, FL 33261

Contact Telephone No: 305-795-2232



Miami, Florida; December 21, 2015 — Ronald Destra, an excellent author, illustrator, publisher and entrepreneur announces the release of a children book titled, ‘Tommy the Giraffe’. His experiences that span over the years in publishing and co-authoring children books reflected in no small way in the latest children book.

The book offers a fresh look at children and issue of self-esteem. How children feel about themselves, having negative perception about life because of how ugly, fat, short or too tall some may appear and some, due to certain deformity which makes children make up their minds that it’s impossible to become anything good in life.

The book, Tommy the Giraffe opens a new case for children with such wrong awareness through informative and educating story that helps build self confidence through reading about how a struggling character overcome its challenges, turn stumbling blocks to stepping stone and achieve success at the end.

Not only that, reading culture is encouraged and kid’s imagination is kindled, boosting creativity while colorful illustrations keep the eyes glued to the book with tons of fun.

At the heart of Ronald Destra’s Tommy the Giraffe children book is the secret on how parents can properly communicate with the children to help in changing every negative thought and wrong perception about life.

The book has attracted positive reviews. Mary, a woman who has seen the impact of the book on her son said, “Very motivational and inspiring for children of all ages. Destra has hit the nail on the head when it comes to this book about loving yourself and accepting what cannot change. My son is going through some personal issues and struggle himself, and reading this book together helped him to realized he’s special and different and very, very loved. Tommy is a welcoming character with a lot of heart, and the author goes out of his way to make sure we know how the little giraffe feels as he works to overcome the obstacles on his path to acceptance. Very lovely book!”

Tommy the Giraffe is a must have book for every parent that wants to raise excellent children. It will be a great gift for children this season.

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