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The Undefined Soul: Interview with Sullee J

Sullee J is an emcee that makes music with this understanding. His strong will and devotion to the human spirit carries his exploration of the language, making serious play of the words that represent the deepest of the mind’s pains, hopes, losses and fears. Recognize the purpose, manifest positive energy, and do not waste the moment.

Sullee J, a Warrior Poet & Philanthropist from Baltimore who aspires to lead a generation. He’s recently collaborated w/ Young Buck, Project Pat, Joe Moses, Royce Da 5’9, Crooked I, Canibus, Cashis, Cyssero, K-Rino & More. He’s consistently bringing positive, up-lifting music. It’s truly a desire for Sullee to be able to congregate the masses via music. 
“I Believe, Hip Hop is a universal code. A vernacular released through the hearts, freeing the mind, body and soul. Hip Hop is a light”. 
Sullee J is on a journey to manifest, may his journey be guided

Interview with Sullee J

Tell us a little about yourself. How did Rap become apart of your life?

Sullee J: The name is Sullee J. I stand for Justice. It wasn’t until I felt a bit eccentric. Life took a toll, when my threshold became low from the condescending tones of foes and close friendships. I realized It was just fuel for the next person every time I vented. I never intended to break ties, until I saw through the fake disguise that many had invented. I couldn’t lie to myself, nor could I trust anybody else, I began to create lines which became therapeutic to this mind, how much longer could I have pretended? How did rap then become, a part of my life? Pain was the trigger, the pen is just how I implement it.

What does Rap music mean to you and how has it had an influence on your life?

Sullee J: It is a means to an end, but every time I begin seeing the reality behind this dream, it begins to create streams from this blend. The tip I speak of. It’s like an endless ocean full of Ink, transformed into sound waves, executed through speakers, I believe the people are in need of. This music is influence to the world with hopes of positive change. It has allowed me to breathe, this music is lungs for me, and for you a new brain. I will refill infinitely this serum of truth, until this purpose has been arranged.

What draws you to want to be a Rap artist?

Sullee J: I’m an artist from every angle. I bring perspective to the game with great designs. I’m not just making rhymes. I’m changing hearts and with the truth invading minds. I find power in the literature. They can’t erase me like time. I am a plague for the ignorant. I hope to create pictures so great one day, I amaze the blind.

As a Rap artist, what do you feel is your biggest challenge is?

Sullee J: Myself What Rap artists influenced you?

Sullee J: Batman

You have an extensive library of music that you've written, performed on, and you've even appeared on several other artists songs and mixtapes. What is the best part about collaborating with other artists?

Sullee J: It allows me to create a contrast in my catalog. I can influence diversely without being analogue. I try to come from different approaches to help the fans stay focused like Adderall.

What song do you think best represents Sullee J?

Sullee J: One that is currently unreleased. It should be out mid march off my upcoming tape “Andrew Slayer: The Undefined Soul”

What's your latest single and what is it about?

Sullee J: Victory. It speaks on the struggles of an artist, and any person who is trying to make it in whatever journey they are embarking on. It describes how steps can be endless, and peaks can be mere illusions. It entails the battles we face on our way to achieving goals. How do we reach the last step? Is there a last step? Is victory all in the mind? Do we really ever lose? When is it insanity, when is it really a sign?

What's new on the horizon for Sullee J? What can fans expect from you in 2016?

Sullee J: Fan’s can expect two mixtapes, my next album, more collaborations with great artists, an album with my brother called Donnie Justice for the DMV, some work on my homie from Run Junxions tape ‘War Machines’, and so much more. I can’t give away all the surprises. Music is air to me, so expect me to breathe until my lungs give in.

Find more of Sullee J: 
Victory Mixtape - https://soundcloud.com/sulleej/sets/victory-mixtape-sulleej85
Twitter - www.twitter.com/sulleej85 
Instagram - www.instagram.com/sulleej 

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