Thursday, April 7, 2016

Grace by Glitter Rose, a tragic love story with a happy ending

The award winning Glitter Rose is pleased to announce the new single and music video "Grace" is live on iTunes and YouTube!

Watch the video here: "Grace" OFFICIAL Music Video 
"Grace" is a very personal song for the 8-time award winner and one of the deciding factors of the direction of the new album, Outlaw In Love. Glitter has never shown her vulnerability when it comes to love in music, and at this point in her life, she grew tired of hiding what was really inside.

For years, Glitter was encouraged by someone who she looked up to and admired tremendously, to lie about who she was and her true feelings. She was told its better to hide and be someone else. Now, as she became a woman, and her own person, Glitter came to realize that it's not healthy to hide.

"The story of 'Grace' was a very hard and dark period in my life. I was being forced to leave the person I love and hurt them and myself," - Glitter Rose

At some point, Glitter predicts her future by writing the last verse of this song, resulting in a happy ending.

"Everyone deserves a happy ending, even if you think you don't."

Written and Produced by Glitter Rose
Mixed by Professor Jay Henry
Musician's include Glitter Rose (acoustic guitar, electric guitar, vocals),Ian Charlie (lead guitar), Erik Ralston (bass) and Chris Hoffman (drums)
Mastered by Morgan Sizer - Mozu Mastering

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