Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Interview with Yourz Truly

Rapper, singer, songwriter Quartez L. Binns better known as Y.T (Yourz Truly), started out as a R&B artist and would later go on to prove to be multi-talented as he took on Hip Hop as a freestyle rap battler, showcasing his lyrical skills during his high school years. Known for his diverse style and musical creativity, Yourz Truly is the first artist to be released on the indie label FaSho Records based in Atlanta. While other artists tip-toe around originality, Yourz Truly spent his time developing his song material and craft songs that make his pen separate from the majority of crowd. From R&B to Hip Hop, he found a way to create his own sound in the landscape of urban music. Yourz Truly flaunts a polished, energetic flow , but he also takes his music SERIOUS.

Interview with Yourz Truly 

What inspired you to become a music artist and why did you focus on Hip Hop?

YT: Music was always a way of life for me ever since I could remember so to be a artist came naturally , Hip Hop was a former of art I was inspired to do from freestyle rap battle. Who was your idol growing up?

What makes your music stand alone from other Hip Hop artists?

YT: I've always admired the greats such as Michael Jackson, because of the impact he's had on lives of others. Which I hope to have someday.

Like many genres that have come and gone throughout history, do you think Hip-Hop is here to stay?

YT: Yes , hip hop has always been considered to be a voice for the voiceless , I believe it's here to stay because it's A form of art that speaks to people world wide in a way that they can relate and carry into there everyday lives.

Tell us about your writing process. Are your songs a reflection of your life?

YT: When it comes to songwriting I usually try to write about different subjects which allows me to showcase my versatility . But there are songs that I've written that are a reflection of my life such as (Going In For Life)

For those that have never listened to your music, what do you want people to expect to hear?

YT: I want people to expect versatility. A mixture of styles, creative lyrics, different genres, and Overall Good Music

What is on the horizon for Yourz Truly? A music video, a tour, a new EP? What can fans look forward from you in the coming months?

YT: Yes of course , I have a debut EP (First Impression) comming soon , 3 singles out now (They Don't Put It Down Like You) , (Going In For Life) and (Pretty Girls) , and i currently have new single on the way

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  1. Truly gifted! A motivational young man, love DA music