Tuesday, April 14, 2020

Interview with Independent Superstars Hall of Fame inductee Luanne Hunt

In the Indie artist world, there’s no question that country/folk singer/songwriter Luanne Hunt has made her mark.

Throughout her illustrious career, the Independent Superstars Hall of Fame inductee has built an impressive list of accomplishments, including scoring numerous No. 1 hits on Independent country music charts around the world.

She is best known for her chart-topping single, “Christmas Without You,” which was recently named by Sweden’s largest daily newspaper, Dagens Nyheter, one of the top 25 Christmas songs of all-time

“Christmas Without You” also landed on two "Best of 2015 Female Country Holiday Songs" lists in the major online U.S. publications, Autostraddle and Truckers News.

Hunt has been working hard at making quality music for twenty years. Her efforts paid off big time in 2007 when her CD, “Breaking Through,” produced two hit singles on U.S. and European Charts. The enchanting “Solace In The Wind” reached No. 1 on the European Country Music Association’s chart (Belgium) in July, 2010.

Her latest single, “Texas Tears,” recently landed at No. 1 on Europe’s premier AirplayExpress chart and has remained in the top spot for several weeks.

Along with her radio and chart success, Hunt also is a two-time American Songwriting Awards winner.

Interview with Luanne Hunt:

Who or what motivated you to start your career in music?


How does it feel to become a Independent Superstars Hall of Fame inductee?

As an artist in today's industry, do you feel any hardship as a female? Do you feel there an imbalance of male to female artists?

What song represent you the best and why?

If you could perform with any Artist living or dead, who would it be?

What projects are you working on now and what can fans expect from Luanne Hunt in the near future?

Visit Luanne at www.luannehunt.com

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