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Interview with The Ries Brothers

The Ries Brothers an Alternative Pop and Rock a band duo with a blend of Blues, Reggae and Funk Headlining at Side Bar Theatre in Tallahassee, FL.

The Ries Brothers (Charles & Kevin) Alternative Pop and Rock band duo from Clearwater, FL.. The brothers’ music is a unique sound, influenced by many genres, including rock, blues, funk, and reggae.

The Ries Brothers’ rise to success has been their creative genius and aptitude with playing multiple instruments. The band leaves fans amazed as Charlie, the lead vocalist, simultaneously plays drums and the keyboard bass, while Kevin plays guitar and provides background vocals, Their talent is also displayed through original lyrics they co-author and the music the brothers produce together

Their music is available on Spotify and SoundCloud

The Ries Brothers had the honor of touring twice with the legendary band CHICAGO in 2014 and 2015 and recently toured with Butch Trucks and The Freight Train Band. They have also opened for talented and well known bands such as David Cook, REO Speedwagon, Daughtry, Little River Band, Los Lonely Boys, The Wilson Van to name a few. Other performances include three SOLD OUT headlining shows at Ruth Eckeard Hall in Clearwater, Florida and several music festivals.

Music is part of the Ries' family their grandfather’s was a top rated bass player in Chicago. Opened for icons such as the Beatles in Comiskey Park, played with Sonny & Cher, John Denver and The Jackson Five amongst other artists.

Interview with The Ries Brothers

Tell us about your music. What and who does your music sound like?

Rise Brothers - Our music is a blend of Rock, Alternative, Pop, Blues, Funk and Reggae. We love to blend different genres together to create a new and unique sound. As far as similar artists, I’d say we sound like a cross between The Black Keys, John Mayer, Sublime, and Ed Sheeran.

What do you want people to take from your music when they listen to you?

Rise Brothers - We just want people to have a good time listening, have something to move to, and really feel something special. Music allows us to release complex emotions and we want the same for our audience. We want a genuine reaction of feeling from our music and give our listeners something to relate to and something to make them happy, help them through tough times, have a good cry if they need one, and just really make them feel something.

What influenced you guys to become recording artists?

Rise Brothers - We’ve always been interested in music from a young age, but mostly just as a hobby early on. After our dad introduced us to the Beatles we became more and more interested in the writing and performing processes. We used to both play competitive baseball for most of our lives until that point, but pretty soon, after school, instead of going out to play baseball, we were picking up instruments and playing for hours. We played for different bands around town, but realized the best way to really go for it was to form a band ourselves, since we’re brothers and could practice whenever we wanted. I (Charlie) taught myself to play bass lines on a keyboard with my left hand, drum with my right, and sing at the same time to fill in our sound. Once we had some material, we went out and started playing local shows. We’ve played over 500 shows since and haven’t looked back!

In your young careers, you’ve performed with some of the most recognizable names in music. What is it like being surrounded with so many legends?

Rise Brothers - It’s been incredible, in particular, the legendary band, Chicago! They were extremely kind and supportive of us while we were on tour with them. They offered amazing life and career advice and the legendary Robert Lamm even complimented my multi-instrumentalist style and said he couldn’t figure out how I was doing it! That was amazing to hear from such a legend!!

What song seems to be your fan favorite right now?

Rise Brothers - I’m so happy to say there’s a few right now! “Lockdown” is our big sing-along, and we always close our sets with that one. But other ones that are resonating with fans because of the lyrics and messages are “Run To The Sea”, “Road Map”, and “On and On.”

What is on the horizon for The Ries Brothers? What can fans expect from you in the coming months?

Rise Brothers - We hope to be constantly touring and releasing new music! We have big things in the works that we can’t announce yet, so keep checking for updates!!

The Ries Brothers original lyrics, "Run to the Sea" on YouTube

Stay Connected with The Ries Brothers: Website

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