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Interview with Harry Gianneli, owner of Good Doer by Gianneli clothing brand

Harry Gianneli is a Greek fashion designer and the owner of Good Doer by Gianneli™, a clothing brand dedicated to the bright and positive side of life. The brand envisions a world where people treat each other with respect and kindness and this core belief is clearly reflected in the garments, and other accessories offered by the brand.

In this exclusive interview, Harry tells more about himself his brand and what inspired him to start it.

All Indie Mag: So Harry tell us more about you.

Harry Gianneli: Sure. My name is Harry Gianneli and I was born in Athens, 22 June 1981 and now, I am living in Patras, Greece. I am in clothing industry more than 20 years.For many years i used to do a kind of clothing brands scouting something which really help me learn more about this industry.

All Indie Mag: Tell us about your journey in the fashion industry and what inspired you to get into this industry.

Harry Gianneli: First of all, I do not feel that I am into the fashion industry. To tell you the truth, I do not want to be. Actually, the philosophy behind my brand has nothing to do with fashion and whatever surround it. My brand does not conquer catwalks and prestigious catalogs. I really do not want that. Our goal is to change the way we think, we act and we look. Nothing more. Nothing less. So my inspiration to get into clothing industry has nothing to do with a person or a fact. That was an internal need to create and to express myself about the things that happen around me. My journey in the clothing industry started about 20 years ago when I used to do some kind of clothing brand scouting. So, I traveled mostly in Italy trying to discover new talented people and brands and suggest them to the stores brand cooperate with in Greece and USA.

All Indie Mag: Please tell us about ''against women abuse'' first collection

Harry Gianneli: Every time someone asks me this question, it makes my day. Actually, I am emotionally connected with this first collection. So, in that period I had watched a documentary about domestic violence and violence against women, it profoundly effected me. As I watched the documentary, I wrote down some thoughts on what I wanted to do, and I thought of a great idea to design be on t-shirts. Finally, we made it happen with a mix of artistic nude images and powerful quotes. Actually, I am very proud about this collection and the correspondence I received from people that know of my art and its message to the world.

All Indie Mag: What is the motivation behind Good Doer by Gianneli?

Harry Gianneli: Actually the idea behind Good Doer by Gianneli™ is connected with my internal need to express myself about things that's happening around me. We live in an era that every day we are bombarded with bad influences and news propaganda. These messages are everywhere around us ...on TV, in newspapers, on the internet, and even on clothing.

Black is a negative color and it's everywhere around us. That was the main purpose I decided to launch a clothing brand exclusively dedicated to bright side of life, trying to "throw some color" on "grey things" that is around us and offer to the audience something different.

All Indie Mag: How do you reflect positivity in your garments ?

Harry Gianneli: With a lot of color and powerful quotes. Colors always have a positive effect on people's psychology even if you are not aware of it. Also even a simple word can open hearts and minds and make us see life in an alternative way. This is our goal. Mix these two things and give them to the people in an artistic way.

All Indie Mag: Personal life? What you do in your free time?

Harry Gianneli: Hmmm. My personal life is very simple and very quiet. Actually, I do not have so much free time, but I am always trying to find some time to do things that I love and relax me as well. I love to write, drive around, watch a good movie, and a good documentary. I also love visiting beautiful places around the world and of course, spending time with the people that I love.

All Indie Mag: Anything else you would like to share with us ?

Harry Gianneli: Yeah, I will use the quote of a Gianneli t-shirt. So, I want to share some words with you which are love, dream, inspire, create and hope.

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