Sunday, January 5, 2020

Podcast Review: Low Key Trash

If you're into Music, Art, Television, Movies, and discussions about everyday life and in you're interested in listening to casual conversations from actual consumers, Low Key Trash is a podcast for you. Located in Provincetown, Massachusetts, Hosts Burg and Jay will talk your ear off for 33 minutes.

Low Key Trash is a fairly new podcast with only three episodes and don't let the name fool you. There is nothing trashy about Low Key Trash. Just listening to one of their episode was enough to catch All Indie Magazine's attention.  The first episode is basically an introduction. Burg and Jay talk about living in Cape Cod and they touch on a wide variety of topics including talking about the Hip Hop music scene and culture. In this episode, you get to really know who Burg and Jay are.

Episode two is probably the most thought provoking episode. Burg and Jay really dig deep in the psyche as they discuss race, relationships, happiness, and even morals. Does teaching morals leave our children in a better world?

In their latest episode (Ep. 3), Burg and Jay talk about their home town of Cape Cod. They give listeners a bit of history of one of the more popular vacation destinations and the culture of the big, yet small town of Cape Cod. They also talk about the "underbelly" of Cape Cod that is rarely spoken upon. The cost of living is going up, the year-round population going down, and communities are dying while business is booming. This is a very intriguing episode if you know nothing about this town.

We are definitely looking forward to their next episodes and we highly recommend that you subscribe to Low Key Trash too.

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