Tuesday, February 25, 2020

Jesse Neo Releases Gemtracks Platform to Buy and Sell Beats

Twenty-two-year-old singer, songwriter, producer and DJ, Jesse Neo is the latest musical artist to find success in the technology world with the release of his platform, Gemtracks.

The Australian singer first made headlines in 2017 with the release of his debut single, ‘Sex Magic’ that got featured in The Huffington Post, played on radio across the UK and Europe, and became a regular in nightclubs around the world. However, this was only the beginning.

“I grew up in a very conservative and musical household that played and listened to Classical music,” Neo told us. “However, in 2016, after turning 18, I began experimenting with unconventional sounds. I enrolled into electronic music composition classes and learnt how to DJ. After releasing some materials, my name started getting around the industry and suddenly record labels and YouTube channels were requesting beats for them.”

What followed was an endless string of opportunities that caused the singer to relocate to Los Angeles. Day after day, he was on the phone and computer speaking to customers that wanted to hear samples of his work.

“Things got so hectic I literally had no time to have a proper meal,” Neo continued. “Suddenly an idea to put my beats on a private website hit me from out of the blue. This turned out to be the best thing I have ever done. Immediately, my music was easier to be found. Best of all, anyone could buy my beats without requiring me to be there.”

Based on what the singer told us, beats sold for between $99 and $599, justified by the fact they can only be sold once, and the customer gets the full copyright ownership transferred to them.

“Many of my industry friends saw what I was doing and became instantly attracted to it. They suggested I turn Gemtracks into a marketplace platform where anyone could put their beats up for sale.”

So that was what he did. Together with those friends, Gemtracks was able to hold up to 500 tracks in one point, and sales poured in daily basis. New composers were regularly signing up, adding their own collections of beats onto the platform.

We had a quick browse through Gemtracks and really liked what we saw. Every genre of music can be found, including rock, pop, EDM, classical and jazz. There is even a database of articles that musicians would find interesting, with guides such as 1,000 Songwriting Prompts and 100+ Topics to Rap About plus many others.

When we asked about what to expect for the future of Gemtracks, Neo responded, “My goal is to turn Gemtracks into the ultimate platform for musicians to get access to all the resources they need to produce their music. This includes a service to book recording studios, applications for music festivals and a forum where artists around the world can connect with each other.”

If you are someone interested in either buying or selling beats, head over to Gemtracks now.

Or if you would like to stay connected with Jesse Neo or be informed with news about Gemtracks, you can follow his Instagram here.

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