Monday, March 23, 2020

Ero Seagull perfects the art of story telling with Evolution EP

There is a buzz happening in the music scene and no, it's not talk of Covid-19. People are talking about Greek/Canadian Alternative Hip Hop Artist, Ero Seagull. All Indie Magazine was compelled to investigate further and look this artist up and what we found was a pleasantly surprising gem.

Ero Seagull has been quietly getting attention from many respected music industry folks and we decided to listen to her new EP Evolution on Spotify to check her out for ourselves. What we found was a twist of Rock, Hip Hop, EDM, combined with her ability to tell a great story.

The Greek/Canadian artist’s vibrant debut EP through EMI Universal seemed to announce a star in the making, and they are correct. The new EP, sounds newly refreshed and self-reliant in comparison to her peers of similar genres. Seagull prefers not to be pegged down by single genre labels, but to be known for her art and her lyrics. These lyrics, especially in her latest single, "What's in a Romeo feat. Leon Rhymes" give us a small glimpse of her music style, but to truly grasp Ero Seagull, you need to listen to all her music from beginning to end. In Ero's latest single, she collaborates with Hip Hop artist, Leon Rhymes. From the start, the track will have you rock'n to the guitar and beat to the story of Romeo and Juliet, "The night's for Juliet, when I unfold my love". Lyrics like this line grab you and make you want to listen to more. The song continues, "What's in a name? That which we call a rose, I heard you say, What's in a Romeo?" Did we mention Ero's great story telling ability? This is what attracted us the most.

Another track we couldn't turn away from is, "The Gospel". "The Gospel" is a strong message about the real story of Jesus' resurrection and the widely misunderstood story surrounding his sacrifice. The track starts off with dissonant cords and sound effects, then suddenly the beat drops and Ero comes in to tell us the true story of Christ. The best part of the song is how the story is told, "...I had to descend because I felt desire". Ero tells the story from the perspective of Jesus himself as if we are being told the true accounts of his life on Earth, "There’s no need to cry, The miracle’s coming". It's the sort of song, you have to hear again and again to get and understand its entire message.

Ero's ability to both sing and rap, along with her Greek/Canadian accent, makes her incomparable to anyone, yet she is still familiar. Some might bound to bring up Nicki Minaj and Mr. B comparisons. But where Ero’s lyrics are often devoted to her singular place in the spotlight, Ero Seagull’s are more illustrative of great story telling, whether it’s moments of history or lovers lying in bed. Ero's tracks also stands as a showcase of her knack for telling stories in the most creative ways, none better than the line, “...Then she proposed, said she wouldn't change me for the world, she's fucking death proof - Death Proof”

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