Wednesday, March 4, 2020

Interview With Aaron Woodson Author of The Face of Expression

Aaron Woodson is a military veteran from Vallejo, California. At age of 15, he had a passion for poetry and began writing poems. He enlisted in the US Air Force in 2001 and served for 15 years. He had a vision to publish his very own work someday. The opportunity has finally come for the release of the highly anticipated book called Face of Expression. This is his first book that’s ever been published. He has so much to offer the world. The author is a very accomplished and interesting person. He is a former Security Forces Member, a casting & movie extra, enjoys fitness, traveling, dancing, singing, and writing poetry. He is single with no children.

Q1. Tell us a little about yourself. Where did you grow up? A: I am a military veteran that served in the Air Force. I'm from Vallejo, CA

Q2. When did you decide you wanted to become an author?
A:At age 15

Q3. Your book is called The Face of Expression. What was the motivation behind writing this book and why Poetry?
A: To express myself, inspire, and connect with people on a relational level. Poetry because it's a beautiful art and communicates to individual souls in a profound abs distinct way.

Q4. I understand you spent time in the Military? How has your past military life influenced you as an author if at all?
A: During deployments, I needed an outlet to share what I was feeling and dealing with. It was very therapeutic for me.

Q5. What themes do you hit on in your book The Face of Expression?
 A: Love, pain, struggle, rejection, relationships, and faith.

Q6. Who would you say has been your biggest fan base so far?
A: Women and those who have an interest in poetry.

Q7. What do you like to do when you’re not writing?
A: I like to go workout at the gym, watch boxing, football, sing, dance, write poetry, listen to music, travel, and eat at nice restaurants.

Q8. What was one of the most surprising things you learned when writing your book?
A: How vulnerable I can get and how I project my messages.

Q9. What advice would give other first time authors?
A: Keep writing and trust the process.

Q10. Do you have a personal favorite poem in the book? A: My favorite poems in the book are called "Brutally Honest" and "Labels."

Q11. What is your writing process like?
A: It was a steady process at times and other times my writing would go to fast pace with creative ideas. It took awhile to put it together, but it was worth it!

Q12. How have your personal relationship successes and failures influenced you as an author?
A: They definitely influenced me to become more keen, confident, and learn what I can to be better. Focus on God and what I can control also.

Q13. Who are some of your favorite authors?
A: Maya Angelou, Steve Harvey, and Jacqueline Woodson

Q14. I understand you have another book coming out? Tell us about it.
A: Yes, it's the sequel to my first book, THE FACE OF EXPRESSION. It picks up where it left off. I basically talk about a deeper level of consciousness, love, and vulnerability. There is also many moments of fun too!

Q15. What inspired you to write this second book?
A:I wanted people to relate to me in a way they could relate to a close relative or friend. The first book I wrote was an introduction, this book will peel back some layers of me and the world I see around me

Q16. How important is doing Poetry Slams and Events for your career as an author?
A: Very important. It gives you credibility and a chance to find your audience.

Q17. Do Poetry Slams and Open Mics give you special motivation?
A: Yes, most definitely

Q18. In your view, what makes a good poet?
A: Well, I would say all poets have different styles. But one thing a pet should have is the ability to share their message through story telling

Q19. How important do you think Social Media is in terms of promoting your books?
A: Social Media is huge in today's era of marketing. Its a broad platform that connects you with many influencers, businesses, and people who are interested in your profession or brand. Its definitely a game changer in terms of how media is distributed digitally compared to traditional marketing.

Q20. Do you have any merchandise to go along with your book? If so where is it available?
A: I actually just recently had some t-shirts made for my book. I plan to put them on a website for customers to buy. I'll let you guys know about that more soon.

Q21. Where can people purchase The Face of Expression?
A: Amazon ( or

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