Monday, July 20, 2020

Discover "Empirical Truth" by Mark Newman

From work with multiple bands and tours to his solo work, Mark Newman’s craftsmanship has never failed to disappoint. The proud winner of the Long Island Blues CD Challenge for Best Record of 2019, Empirical Truth is an extension of Newman’s capacity for phenomenal songwriting. The album is unafraid to embrace both the peppier and more somber sides of rock ’n’ roll, and takes the listener along for a dusty, gritty journey across a range of emotion.

The opening track to Empirical Truth conjures images of a hazy bar, beer on tap, and a sense of
camaraderie that only Newman’s musical style can offer. From “Mississippi Mile” to “Lycanthropy,” he never ceases to amaze with his storytelling capabilities. Additionally, “When I Aim My Gun” and “Pipeline” are not afraid to delve into the complicated sphere of U.S. politics, and his sense of daring in the writing encourages introspection.

Newman’s poetic yet grounded songwriting allows a sense of romanticism that can only be found in blues-based music—an integral component of Empirical Truth that cannot go unnoticed. He reminisces with the listener when it comes to rock ’n’ roll, and incorporates funk, folk, and soul to create the perfect sense of togetherness.

Empirical Truth’s rhythm-and-blues-esque approach to common life problems through nostalgic sounds beckons the listener to close their eyes and embrace the turmoil, the sound, and finally the resilience of Mark Newman. His voice alone evokes feelings of familiarity, and his toe-tapping, grin-inducing rhythms can soften any rock-hard heart.

A medium for soul and feeling, Mark Newman’s Empirical Truth has proved his quality as a songwriter, master multi-stringsman, and raconteur. Empirical Truth is proof that his experience in touring with some of the biggest names of rock ‘n’ roll has paid off—this album truly demonstrates his finesse and grasping of all the elements that make up a great blues-inspired album.

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