Friday, August 14, 2020

Leaving While You Stay: New Release by Greg Hoy and the Boys


The new single made by Greg Hoy & The Boys “Leaving While You Stay” has been finally released over  many sources and made into a music video on Youtube! The song is basically a combination of original hard rock and not just a recycled sound spread over many repetitive songs. The song consists of Greg Hoy’s vocals along with the spontaneous and welcoming sound of his guitar. As well as, The direction of Carissa Johnson supplies this song with clear cohesion and a sound that will leave most people wanting more. Dennis Galway delivers the perfect beat with his exquisite drum skills and with Mark Nichoson completing the package with master bass skills. The song depicts a “certain” person tweeting away while their nation crumbles apart due to leadership. For instance, the song states “Fight for love or Fight for glory?” which symbolizes the confusion in which this “certain” person is heading. This song also utilizes excellent visuals that match the overall grove mood of the song. It makes the song seem like a comic book life right now in the pandemic. 

Who are Greg Hoy & The Boys? Greg Hoy isn’t only some guy in a band-he is many things like a label record owner to an astounding “marketing guru”. Greg Hoy was inspired by the fact that music and sound can convey such richness and emotions. This is prominent when Greg Hoy himself states, “Led Zeppelin’s “Whole Lotta Love” on headphones at the behest of his big brother. “I was immediately drawn to the richness of the sound, and the idea that you could manipulate emotions with sound—like a certain fuzzed out guitar and drum beat could make you feel a certain way.” This truly explains his love of music and it paves the roadway while also making it clear that he will later lead on with the music industry. Greg Hoy & The Boys focus on multiple themes like being a middle-aged man in the middle of a new technological future. Overall, Greg Hoy & The Boys show how starting from a “Tiny Telephone with John Vanderslice in San Francisco” can really go a long way. 

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