Monday, September 14, 2020

GLOBAL RIGHTS CONCERT Celebrities Advocate for Animal & Human Trafficking

Date: 9/14/2020
#RESET #GRC2020 #GlobalRightsConcert

One week prior to the G20 2020 leadership meeting in Saudi Arabia, on National Pickle Day, the 1st Annual Global Rights Concert will Air on Nov 14th. What does this mean? Influential Artists, Musicians, Actors, Actresses & Hosts Globally around the World will Advocate to World Leaders, Concert Viewers, Consumers and Corporations as they perform for Animal & Human Rights (Trafficking, Cruelty, Torture & Modern Day Slavery & Discrimination & Forced Child Labor). To create awareness, education for the viewers & leaders.

We are excited for the opportunity to invite Global Artists, Organizations, Corporations, and Media to participate & perform & advocate in Your Way, with Your Voice & Your Influence to bring awareness to our modern society that we claim as being sophisticated, cultured with morals & values though blinded ignorance still persist with global violations of animal & human rights. Let’s no longer turn a blind eye.
We need to educate & challenge our global viewers to buy slave free, cruelty free, torture free products and encourage them to no longer ignore these treacherous acts in their countries. The more people are aware of these violations in their town, city, state, province and country, your voices will carry over. Worldwide corporations, manufacturers, suppliers, vendors, distributors will be in a pickle as we demand them to comply to corporate social responsibility as it relates to Animal & Human Trafficking. Now who’s got power? In a pickle yet? Or Cat caught your tongue?

“With what we have learned from the #METOO Movement, the #GeorgeFloyd Movement, that we have been silent too long! Today, the Zoonotic Diseases (animal to human transmitted virus’) caused COVID19 (from an animal that consumed a bat), SARS (from Dogs), MERS (from Camels), Let’s not wait Let’s voice to end Animal Trafficking, Cruelty and Torture”. said Saima Khan, Sr. Executive Producer & Director of the Global Rights Concert “And on the other hand, How can we rest when individuals, children included are used for forced labor and sexual acts worldwide? Our basic morals & principles must remove these anomolies and create humanitarian boundaries. Let’s RESET during COVID19 –let’s do it collectively based on the root of the problem and the impact on our society”, She continued “Our Global Rights Concert will honor the organizations who are on the ground saving Animals & Humans daily. LET NO ONE BE LEFT BEHIND!”

The Concert Components Comprise of:
1- A Live Concert Performance will be Broadcast & Streamed on several platforms across the World with Virtual Reality and some VR Stage for local Performances (Participating Continents include: South Asian IndoPak Region, Middle East, Asia, Africa, South Africa, Europe, North America, South America, and Australia)
2- Pre-recorded messages from Hosts, Actors, Actresses, Musicians, Animal & Human Rights Organizations Globally
3- Nominated Animal & Human Rights Organizations will be recognized for their work with Awards
4- Viewer Experiential Experience Voting Polls: The Viewers of the Concert will be able to Vote for the award the organizations receive
5- Viewer online participation & interaction in sweepstakes and gift Quiz’s
6- The Concert will raise a minimum of $1 Million of Donations for the Organizations nominated and they will each get donations from the viewers to help their organization.
The concert will raise a minimum of 1 million dollars during the concert for the organizations. The experiential concert will call for the viewers to vote for their favorite Animal & Human Rights organizations.
The concert artists will perform a variety of genres of music from Pop. Hip Hop, Rock, Soft Rock, Jazz, Country. Global voices will sing & perform in order to raise awareness for Animal & Human Rights. The G20 will hear these voices. Leaders will be asked to take a hard look and reset in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia as Policies must be enforced top down from leadership, corporations, countries, states, provinces, cities.
The concert will be live streamed on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and Broadcast Globally. other applications to reach multi million viewers globally. Your voice matters.

Your Influence Matters. Please help us, participate, advocate and get to the audiences who are receptive to your influence and your activism for animals & human rights globally. They will be listening at the G20. 1-805-444-2013 Contact: Saima Khan Email: ###

Date: Nov 14th 2020 

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