Friday, October 30, 2020

KGUP FM Emerge Radio Announces the 2020 Artists of the Year


KGUP FM Emerge Radio Announces the 2020 KGUP Artists of the Year 

LOS ANGELES – October 30, 2020 - KGUP FM Emerge Radio announces the recipients of the 2020 KGUP Artists of the Year awards. The awards recognize and honor eight local emerging music artists who have demonstrated outstanding achievement in music performance, songwriting ability, and visual arts. KGUP honored the eight awardees in Los Angeles, CA.

At the start of the year, HR Cole, CEO and Founder of inDspotlight Television and Mikey Jayy, Program Director and Founder of KGUP FM Emerge Radio discussed having a festival over the Summer featuring all the top emerging artists, including hosting an Awards event in 2020, but Covid-19 upended all our ideas. An online event was considered, but without a live audience, all these ideas felt flat and uninspiring, so a single category was created to recognize the Top 8 most recognizable emerging local music artists in the industry and was named the

2020 KGUP Artists of the Year award!

These 8 finalists were based on a number of factors:

1. Artist's music overall has to be SPECTACULAR 2. Artist has to be an exceptional songwriter and story teller 3. Artist had to have at least 3 songs that exemplified both 1 and 2 4. Artist has at least 1 music video that is outstanding in production and visual appeal 5. Artist must have gone through a revelation or had overcome a life changing event 6. Artist needs to acknowledge our existence (at bare minimum, the Artist needed to say, "Thank you" when getting featured on our social media or regrammed/shared our story from a featured post, accepted our invitation to be interviewed, or had exchanged some form of dialogue to and from KGUP

Congratulations to the 2020 KGUP Artists of the Year!

Genre: Pop / Singer Songwriter

Genre: Pop/Alternative Rock

Genre: Pop/ Soul

Genre: Pop


Kat Leon of Holy Wars 
Genre: Pop / Alternative

Genre: Pop / Soul

Genre: Pop / Surf Trap

For more information about each of the award winners, go to:

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Established on April 12, 2012, KGUP FM Emerge Radio is an Independent music radio station based in Los Angeles that showcases and supports local emerging artists.


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