Friday, November 27, 2020

D.K. Lyons takes us on a journey with The Past (Romanticized)

Introducing The Past (Romanticized), the 2020 LP release by D.K. Lyons. The musical variety and intense
coverage allow this album to be relatable to all its listeners. 

The Past (Romanticized) really focuses on one major aspect, providing relief from a strong or repressed emotion. These songs allude to the emotional cycle that occurs looking back at past relationships, moments of loss, mental state, and growing pains. The examples become apparent with the very first song, “The Getaway.” This track displays hope even when your outlook may appear grim, making it the flagship for what's the come on the entire album. This song details self-exploration, "We're two lost souls heading straight to hell’..."brace yourself, keep your eye on the prize". These lyrics aren't there to discourage you. They're written to inspire you. 

It feels like D.K. has done a bit of growing up since his first EP, Blame My Astrology. The production and songwriter feel more mature and the stories reveal he's gone through deeper revelations. 

The two most notable tracks have to be "Long Way Home" and "Danger" includes declarations of taking chances and falling in love. 
D.K.’s first solo release in 2018, called Blame My Astrology, was a lovable exploration of the ideas at the core of his sound with guitar rhythms, vocals, and the ceaseless, head-spinning barrage of hooks, so if you can't get enough of D.K. Lyons, you won't have to travel far for more tunes, but to be fair, D.K. is at least honest with his music and is less concerned about conforming to what the Pop world factory is dishing out. After pumping out 17 tracks in less than two years, we can certainly expect a lot more of his thought provoking stories in the coming years. 

Regardless of what people might think of The Past (Romanticized), D.K.’s already morphed a world
around it with numerous music videos to complement each hit. D.K. clearly believes that The Past (Romanticized) is his masterpiece, and everything around the record suggests as much. While a national tour may be out of the question due to Covid, we can only hope for a barrage of live performances from his living room to yours to give D.K. Lyon fans an installation of live streams from the man himself. 

Our recommendation is to not judge the book by its cover. Instead, dive all in, not just once, but twice over in one sitting. Play both playlists from his YouTube page from beginning to end from Blame My Astrology to The Past (Romanticized) and then reverse it and you will experience all the effects of an over-the-top pop autobiographical masterpiece of D.K. Lyons. 

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