Wednesday, November 11, 2020

New Release Alert: "When The Morning Star Fell" by Shadows You don’t Know About

Shadows You Don't Know About is a band that combines the dark, brooding sound of deathcore with the intensity of alternative music. They recently debuted with an EP, but went to great lengths since then, creating music that sets the bar higher and defies the usual genre limitations and cliches. 

AIM: First of all, how did you come up with the band name “Shadows You don’t Know About”? 
James: I was at a music video shoot for a band I was in previously and one of the camera guys said to another, to look out for shadows you don't know about that can mess up a shot, and i wrote it down because i thought i could use it one day. 

AIM: Tell us about the band. Who is Shadows You don’t Know About and where are you from? 
James: We are deathcore/post-hardcore band from bethlehem pa, consisting of James (myself) who played the majority of the instruments on the album and Matt our drummer and producer.  

AIM: Tell us about what led you to want to be a writer and music artist? 
James: I have always been a writer since i was a child, and growing up writing and writing music made it seem very easy to make music into something more i wanted to do in my life.  

AIM: Are you self-taught or did you have any professional music training? 
James: I am a self taught guitarist and bassist, but I took vocal lessons to improve my voice. Melissa Crosses zen of screaming is an essential for anyone trying to do harsh vocals.  

AIM: What or who were your most influential music artists as a child? 
James: A lot of rap and hip hop artists like eminem, lil wayne, Wutang clan, Snoop dogg, D12, tupac, etc all influenced me to be more lyrical or more of a storyteller when I write.  

AIM: What music artists inspire you now? 
James: I have been listening to a lot of post-hardcore classics like chiodos first album, and deathcore stuff like the mitch lucker memorial show, so many great suicide silence songs done by monsters vocally. Phil Bozemans vocals on unanswered are the gnarliest.  

AIM: What do you want your listeners to take from your music? Do you have a message that you want to convey to your listeners? 
James: I just hope people enjoy the music because I enjoy making it and won't be stopping anytime soon.  

AIM: What are your thoughts on the Corona Virus? Do you think it is a real pandemic real or do you think it is a world government takeover hoax? 
James: No comment lol  

AIM: Great answer lol 

AIM: Outside of music, what are some of your interests, like what are your favorite activities, movies, tv shows, video games, and stuff outside of music? 
James: Well career wise besides making music I am an assistant chef at a restaurant, and for fun I am an avid poker player. Video games I play are mostly Skyrim or Call of duty when I have free time.  

AIM: Who has helped you along the way? 
James: I’d like to thank our drummer Matt for the amazing production and to Jaime Irles for the album cover art. Also a big thanks to my friend and colleague Mitch Kresge of plum for doing a featured vocal part on one of our new songs, and to Chris Kennedy for photography and shooting and editing our album release promotional video.  

AIM: If you could tour and perform with anyone, past or present, who would it be? 
James: I’d love to tour with Ghostmane and have original member Chiodos as a guest on the tour!  

AIM: Tell us about your plans in the near future. What can we expect from SYDKA? (More music? Music videos? Virtual performances? Live tour? 
James: We are currently working on recording a live set to be recorded and posted to Youtube as a way of performing until shows can happen again. Also we have a cover song that will be coming out hopefully by the end of the year.

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